The Definitive Guide to Penis Pumps - All Questions Answered

Written by PHALLOGAUGE PE Coach, Jeff Ferrara on November 16, 2016

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What Does a Penis Pump Do?

Penis pumps are chambers with a valve that regulates the amount of pressure inside the chamber.

Penis pumps can use an air or water-based chamber.

The goal of penis pumps is to increase penis girth.

How Does a Penis Pump Work?

Penis pumps work by creating a negative pressure in a chamber to generate a force that expands penis tissue outward.

The pressure is generated by "pumping" the pump, and each pump's kinetic energy is stored as potential energy in the vacuum chamber.

This potential energy creates a mechanical force which then proceeds to exert itself on the penis.

What the Penis Cells Experience.

The body cells in the penis are expanded in two ways.

The first way is by expanding each individual cell size (hyperplasia).

Penis cells expanding in pump vacuum.
The negative pressure caused by penis pumps exert a force on each penis body cell.

As air is pumped out of the chamber, a void is created (vacuum).

Since the cells need to fill the void created by the vacuum, the end result is that the amount of "stuff" in the pump chamber needs to expand to accommodate this new pressure.

The "stuff" is none other than the tens of thousands of penis cells, and each one experiences a proportionate expansion.

Think about what happens when you pull apart a piece of play-doh. When you grab the two ends and pull them apart, what happens?

The material expands.

Stretching dough is like a penis pump stretching penis tissue.
Penis pump training is like kneading dough.

Imagine the same thing going on with the penis pump, but instead of just pulling in two directions (like the play-doh), it's actually pulling in infinitely many directions - a complete circle around each penis cell.

The second way is by increasing the blood flow to the penis.

The suction force of the pump creates a stimulus that triggers lots of blood to flow into the penis.

That's why you can't help but get an erection when you use a penis pump.

That blood flow does two things.

  1. It further "pumps" up the cell size.

  2. It delivers micronutrients that are essential to promoting growth.

Remember, while the penis is consisted of it's own "smooth muscle" tissue, its maximium size is ultimately determined by how much blood can be packed into the penis.

That's because the penis is like a sponge in this sense.

The penile tissues are soft and the cells form a porous like structure.

When a sponge becomes nice and wet, it expands and becomes heavy. When the penis gets fully filled with blood, it visually becomes larger and actually feels heavier in your hand.

Diagram showing how a penis fills with blood causes it to expand.
The penis on the left has lots of blood flowing to it and shows how this exerts a force on all the penis cells for enlargement training.

Water vs. Air Penis Pumps

When penis pumps first came out, they were all air-based.

That is, their vacuum chamber only consisted of air.

While they did their function fairly well, they weren't perfect.

One of the major concerns was that these air-based pumps created blisters and were prone to burst blood vessels.

The biggest reason for these safety issues was because the pressure in an air-based vacuum chamber was not easy to control and regulate.

Imagine you are trying to target an air pressure of, say, hypothetically, 20 PSI. Each press of the pump would vary wildly, and you you would probably overshoot the desired pressure since it was very hard to control.

An air pressure meter in a penis pump.
Using the right pressure is critical for results and safety.

After all, using a pressure that's too much is only asking for injuries to happen.

Not only that, but the air would leak and the pressure would decrease rapidly. Getting air to stay sealed in a chamber is actually fairly difficult.

Any leaks would decrease the pressure, thus, affecting your results. You would instead be operating at a sub-optimal pressure level.

So the problem was, either you pumped too hard because the desired pressure was hard to get to the sweet spot, or the air leaked, and you were effectively wasting your time becauase the pump wasn't doing any useful work for you.

Enter the water-based pump.

Then, around 2010, water-based pumps started to emerge on the market.

Why water instead of air?

Because they're safer.

But how? It's because the water in the chamber is more stable pressure-wise compared to air in a chamber.

Water is more densely packed compared to air. That means for a given volume container, water will always populate the chamber more densely than air.

Why is this important?

Well, remember what creates the pressure that exerts the force on your penis: Negative Space (vacuum).

Because air is less dense than water, it has more variance in the different pressures it can accomadate in the chamber.

Water pressure is now commonly used in penis pumps.
Lots of popular penis pumps now use "water-filled chambers" because they're safer.

This means it can ramp up from safe to dangerous pressures more quickly - it's naturally harder to control due to this wild variance.

Water, on the other hand, due to it's more density, requires you pump out lots of water of the chamber before you reach a more dangerous pressure.

This is essentially why water is safer - there's less of a chance you accidently pump too much towards a dangerous pressure.

How to Use a Penis Pump

How to use water-based pumps.

First, we're going to start with water-based pumps as they are safer and are becoming the more popular type of pump, compared to air-vacuum ones.

Since all pumps are extremely similar, their steps to use are also practically the same.

Here's how you do it:

  1. Fill your pump with warm-hot water.

  2. Keeping as much water as possible inside, place the water-filled pump over your penis.

  3. Press the pump against your pelvis to create a seal.

  4. Keep pressing the pump against your pelvis to increase pressure in the chamber (or use the squeeze pump if that is how the specific pump you're using is designed).

  5. Stay still and keep the pump on for a the rest of the pumping session (typically 15 minutes).

  6. After 15 minutes have passed, release the valve to decrease the pressure, and remove the pump.

  7. Clean and dry up as necessary.

Bathmate being filled with water.
Bathmate being filled with water so that it can be used.

How to use air-based pumps.

Air-based pumps are similar, but a little tricker to use safely, for the reasons we discussed above.

  1. Place the pump over your penis.

  2. Press the pump against your pelvis to create a seal.

  3. Keep pressing the pump against your pelvis to increase pressure in the chamber (or use the squeeze pump if that is how the specific pump you're using is designed).

  4. Stay still and keep the pump on for a the rest of the pumping session (typically 15 minutes).

  5. After 15 minutes have passed, release the valve to decrease the pressure, and remove the pump.

While air pumps seems to have less steps (and not having to deal with water), water-based pumps have the increased benefit of safety.

What to Expect From Using a Penis Pump

So now you have a really good idea about how penis pumps work and how to use them.

But what can you really expect when you use them?

Here, I give you the crucial insights that you'll be glad to know before you decide to get one.

The sensation - what it feels like on your penis.

Myself, and a lot of other men, would describe the sensation as pleasurable.

This pleasure is somewhat between getting a blowjob and masturbating.

I say that because the suction power is many times greater than that any partner can give you.

Not only that, but you physically feel yourself getting bigger because of all the blood getting drawn into your penis by the pump.

Man experiencing pleasure from penis pump.
Most men experience pleasure from using a penis pump. Another great reason to use it!

However, past this pleasurable level is pain.

Pump too hard, and you start getting pain.

This isn't surprising because exerting too much force on any part of your body starts to induce pain.

Pain is your body's natural survival tool to tell you that something is going wrong.

Knowing this simple fact, you now know when you're pumping too hard and what is the "safe zone" for pumping pressure.

If I had to describe the pain, it feels as if something is crushing your penis. The sheer outward force makes it feel like your penis is imploding.

So don't get to this point. In fact, dial it down a bit to a few levels below this threshold.

The simple fact is, you don't even have to get near the pain threshold to get a good pump in. So risking it is just irresponsible and isn't actually helping you.

Best Budget Penis Pumps


Glamor shot of the Bathmate penis pump.
The Bathmate is a popular water-based penis pump.

The Bathmate is probably the most popular water-based penis pump on the market right now.

This isn't surprising as it is heavily marketed and heavily endorsed by affiliates.

But what's our take on this pump?

Overall, it's a solid water-based penis pump.

It was intended to be used once a day when you shower or bathe.

It can be used while taking a shower, or while sitting in the bathtub.

A man in a bathtub using a penis pump.
Taking a bath is the perfect time to use a penis pump.

Here's what a Bathmate session looks like:

  1. Warm your whole body, especially flaccid penis for about 5 minutes.

  2. Grow an erection.

  3. Fill the Bathmate with warm-hot water.

  4. Maintaining your erection, stick your penis in the water-filled Bathmate.

  5. Press the Bathmate against your pelvis to create a water-tight seal. (Make sure water is not leaking out).

  6. Press the Bathmate against your pelvis multiple times to increase the pressure in the Bathmate. Make sure not to go over the "safe threshold".

  7. Wear the Bathmate on yourself for 15 mintues (do not go over 20 minutes).

  8. Release the valve to decrease pressure and remove the Bathmate.

  9. Finish your shower/bath and clean your Bathmate with ordinary hand soap.

You may have noticed that there are two versions of the Bathmate in the image above: Hercules, and Goliath.

We have also just become an official distributor of Bathmate - get the Hercules model here or the Goliath model here.

Hercules: for men with 3-5 inches in girth (erect).
Goliath: For men with 5-9 inches in girth (erect).

The only difference between these pumps is the chamber size, as the Goliath is designed to accommodate men with a naturally larger sized penis, or those who have graduated from the Hercules.

If you're in it for the long-run, just get the Goliath since you won't waste money on the Hercules when you outgrow it.

For more detailed specifics on the Bathmate and what to expect, see our complete Bathmate guide.

Bathmate: Hydromax Xtreme-Series

The Bathmate penis pump with hand pump mechanism.
This is a more expensive model of the Bathmate that uses a hand squeeze-pump.

This is another pump by the company that makes the original Bathmate above.

This penis pump provides more pressure power, and we here at PhalloGauge typically do not recommend this pump to beginners who are doing penis pumping for the first time.

The biggest noticable differences are:

  1. The sigificantly larger chamber for the "larger" men.

  2. The addition of a hand-squeeze-pump to increase pressure in the chamber.

While you could get away with using the Xtreme-Series pumps if you're a beginner, the cost is significantly more, so it may be more cost effective to just get the original Bathmate Hydromax (the blue ones).

Ultimately the choice is up to you, but larger men may have to get the Xtreme-Series.


Penomet penis pump glamor shot.
The Penomet penis pump is another water-based pump type.

The Penomet is another interesting water-based penis pump.

Strangely, it has existed even before the Bathmate, but it's not quite as popular.

Functional-wise, it's just as good as the Bathmate - it gets the job done.

The steps required to use the Penomet are practically identical to the Bathmate Original Hydromax model: Fill, and press against your pelvis to get your pump on.

Penomet offers many different types of packages with different accessories.

If you just get the bare-bones basic Penomet pump, you can expect to spend less than the Bathmate at a price point around $127.

Penis Pumps for Erectile Dysfunction

Penis pumps can definitely help guys with erectile dysfunction.


Well, simply use a penis pump before sex in order to "boost" your boner.

That way you can really get the blood flowing into your penis for an erection.

Before and After Using a Penis Pump

What can you expect before and after using a penis pump?

Well there are short-term and long-term changes.

The short-term benefits of using a penis pump:

  • Your flaccid penis will "hang" lower.

  • Your flaccid penis will be thicker (girthier)

  • Your erections within the next few hours will be harder.

  • Your erections within the next few hours will be thicker.

The long-term benefits of using a penis pump:

  • Your flaccid penis will "hang" lower.

  • Your erections will be slightly thicker (girthier) than if you did not use a penis pump regularly (but not as thick as when you've just done a pumping session).

In Conclusion

Penis Pumps are still going strong as girth-providing solutions for one reason: They work.

Recent technology has provided us with water-based pumps, a significant advancement of the decade-old air-based pumps.

The price range for a penis pump is usually $150+ or more.

On average, the price is about $200.

Regardless of which pump you get, it's important to not get too excited when you use it for the first time, as it is neceessary to ease your body into the pump to prevent injury.

This will also allow your penis to get a more effective workout by keeping your training intensity appropriate for its current state.

Whether you're a beginner or veteran to penis enlargement, you can't go wrong with a penis pump.

From experience, if anything, use it just before sex, and your partner will notice the difference.

That alone will justify the dollar cost you put on the table.

Pumps don't add length, so if you're looking to hit her deep vaginal walls - you may be interested in our extender that thousands of men already use.

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