How to Use the Penilizer Jelqing Tool - Full Routines

Written by Jeff Ferrara on December 2, 2016

What's the Penilizer Jelqing Tool Again?

The Penilizer is a penis enlargement product that is used to do a variation on the popular enlargement exercise of jelqing.

It is a tool that massages the penis by helping to push more blood into the penis.

It does this by having the user (you) use both hands to operate the device.

You proceed by applying pressure to your penis shaft, via the tool and stroking along the shaft with the tool to push the blood through your penis.

This blood flow aims to train the penile tissues, mostly to provide girth (circumference) gains.

Preping for a Penilizer Session

Lubricant - an absolute must.

The first thing you want to get a hold of is some lubricant.

Water-based lubricant works the best.

Not only that, but it's the safest to use because it doesn't irritate the skin, is fairly clean, and won't sting if it gets into your urethra (penis hole).

A private place and about 30 minutes undisturbed.

This is pretty obvious.

You're going to be butt-naked the whole time, so it's ideal if someone doesn't walk in and see you using the Penilizer.

Additionally, you don't want to be interrupted at all during your workout since it's a hassle to do a makeshift clean-up and put your clothes back on, sticky with lubricant, just to answer the door.

How to Use the Penilizer

How to Grip it

  1. Understand that for the following steps, your hands can be reversed.

  2. Slide one hand into the oval handle.

  3. Place your other hand around the clamping grip on the opposite of the device.

  4. Squeeze down with the clamping hand to apply pressure.

The Basic Penilizer Stroke

Here are the steps to do one Penilizer stroke - it's very similar to jelqing!

See our full guide on jelqing here.

  1. Take the Penilizer in one hand and place the clamp around your mostly-erect penis (70-90% hardness).

  2. Using your other hand apply pressure onto the clamp, clamping down onto the base of your penis.

  3. Maintaining that same pressure, slide the Penilizer outwards, towards the tip of your penis.

  4. Stop the stroke at the base of the glans (top of the shaft, just before the mushroom tip).

  5. That completes one repetition - repeat.

Penilizer Stroke Variations

Popular Penilizer Routines

Other tips and considerations when using the Penilizer.

Reversing Hands

This is actually a fairly important thing to know how to do because of the simple fact:

Optimal pressure and angles can be applied by simply switching the hand grip.

This means that if you typically use your right hand in the oval handle grip - it would be worthwhile to rotate the device 180 degrees and use your left hand instead.

Quick Strokes vs. Fast Strokes

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