The Ultimate Bathmate Guide and What to Expect

Written by Mike and Jeff on January 30, 2016

What is the Bathmate?

The classic Bathmate pump

The Bathmate is a water-based penis pump that expands the tissues of your penis, primarily for girth gains.

It was created in the UK and is marketed from there.

You typically use it in the shower or bathtub for 10-15 minutes, at most once a day.

The average Bathmate model costs $110 for the base version, up to $349 for the higher end, newer models.

There are different models for different sized guys and different features for the newer models.

However, for the most part, this guide will cover essentially how they all work: Water-based negative pressure pump for expanding your penile tissue.

Why should I use the Bathmate?

You should use the Bathmate for temporary and long-term girth gains.

It's a girth penis enlargement tool that is a great alternative to jelqing.

While it's not ideal to increase length, we'll see that there are some exercises that you can do with the Bathmate to target length.

It's also very safe compared to air-based vacuum pumps. The air-based vacuums are notorious for causing blisters in the penile tissue.

The water-based vacuum is not as intense on the skin compared to air-based vacuums and addresses the safety issue - as a result, you won't get blisters and it's really safe (and kind of fun) to use.

Things to do before using the Bathmate

Closely trimming or shaving your pubic hair is a must.

You need to do this because your public hair will prevent you from forming an air-tight seal with the Bathmate - it won't work if you can't form the seal.

However, I recommend doing a real close trim because shaving usually leads to torturous itchiness when your stubble grows back.

That's because even if you trim the hair real short, a seal can still be formed.

Just be aware that you have to maintain really short pubic hair - if the air-tight seal starts to break one day, it's probably because your hair grew back and it's too long.

The best way to do this, from personal experience is to invest in a decent to quality set of clippers.

The set should be rechargeable, and have accessories like different clipper heads - especially a fine one to get the hairs really short.

The Different Parts of the Bathmate

These are the names of the parts that we're going to use to refer to when we're explaining how to use the Bathmate.

  1. The Pressure Valve - It's the switch on the tip of the Bathmate that locks the pressure in or releases it.
  2. The Main Cylinder - This is where all the water is stored and where your penis is placed.
  3. The Foam Ring - This is the part that connects the Bathmate to your body. It's designed to form a seal with your pelvis to trap the water inside.

How to Use the Bathmate

Beginners and intermediate Bathmate users should use the Bathmate differently.

We'll explain the differences for both later.

For now, we'll give you the typical usage of the Bathmate.

  1. Warm-up your penile tissues in warm-to-hot water for 1-3 minutes.
  2. Stimulate yourself to get a semi-erection or full erection (based on whether you're a beginner or experienced Bathmate user)
  3. Hold the valve at the tip of the Bathmate to prevent water from coming out of the tip
  4. While still holdimg the valve, fill the Bathmate fully with warm-hot water.
  5. Place your penis inside the water-filled Bathmate, keeping as much water inside as possible.
  6. Press the base (the foam ring) of the Bathmate against your pelvis to form a tight seal.
  7. That's pretty much it. Let the Bathmate sit on your pelvis and penis for 10-15 minutes to do your girth training.
  8. As pressure starts to slowly decrease, add more pressure by pumping the Bathmate towards your pelvis.
  9. After you have used the Bathmate for 10-15 minutes, remove it by pressing down on the valve at the tip to release the pressure.
  10. Slide your penis out of the Bathmate. You're done!

Beginners vs. Experienced Users

You can get to the experienced user level in about 2 weeks.

The main thing to understand as beginner is to not overdo it.

The pressure in the pump can be quite powerful.

Two things a beginner shouldn't do:

  1. Not use a full, rock-hard erection. Instead they should start off at 60% hardness their first time and gradually work up from there for subsequent sessions.
  2. Pump the Bathmate to it's maximum pressure. Remember, you can always re-pump the Bathmate since it slowly loses it's pressure force. A beginner shouldn't really do this, but rather get use to the Bathmate sensations and avoid inducing pain.

After two weeks of getting used to it (assuming you used it everyday), you should be pretty experienced with the device and you can start to use rock-hard erections and start maximizing the pressure inside the Bathmate.

Remember, the Bathmate is very durable and will last you a long time, so there's no need to rush and end up hurting yourself.

Tips When Using the Bathmate

Keeping the water in the Bathmate while placing your penis inside may be a little challenging.

Therefore try to keep the Bathmate upright like a cup and enter your penis from above.

Try to prevent as little water from spilling out as much as possible.

This takes a little bit of practice.

For those who shower and stand-up, you may want to invest in the Bathmate leash which is attached to the tip of the Bathmate and holds it up so that it doesn't weigh down on your erection.

In other words, you don't have to use your hands to support and hold it up for your whole 10-15 minute session.

That can kind of be a pain - I can speak from experience.

Things to Avoid doing When Using the Bathmate

Definitely don't use the Bathmate for longer than the recommended 15 minutes straight.

For temporary gains, using it for more than 15 minutes won't add any more size.

For permanent gains, it won't contribute much either.

Also, don't pump too hard especially if you're just starting out. Slowly work up the intensity - just like your manual stretching and extender device stretching regimens.

Things to Expect When You Use the Bathmate

The first thing to expect and you'll clearly see is that immediately after you the Bathmate for the first time, your penis will be unquestionably larger.

Your penis will hang a bit lower than usual, and it will definitely be wider (increased girth).

This "pump" is similar to the "pump" that you get when you work out at the gym - that is, your muscles immediately after a workout temporarily stay large.

However this "pump" is temporary and will probably last 3-6 hours.

Therefore, it's a great tool to use before a date if you expect sex to follow.

Another thing to expect are the long-term gains.

One thing to note is that these long-term gains aren't permanent per-se.

It's just the gains will start to last longer with consistent Bathmate use. The gains will slowly disappear and taper-off, but continuous usage of the Bathmate prevents this, effectively giving you larger girth 24/7.

How much use is necessary to maintain a large size all the time?

At minimum, you should at least do two 15-minute Bathmate sessions a week to achieve this.

Maintaining and Cleaning Your Bathmate

You definitely want to keep your Bathmate clean.

Bacteria will grow when there is water just sitting on your Bathmate for long periods of time.

If you can, use a towel to get most of the water off the Bathmate.

Also, remove the foam ring from the main cylinder and let both air dry.

Store the main Bathmate cylinder upright so that any leftover water in the cylinder can evaporate out.

You should also wash and scrub your Bathmate cylinder and foam ring with hand soap at least once every two weeks.

This will get rid of the body oils that build up on the device.

Variation exercises to do with the Bathmate

So we mentioned earlier that you can do some exercises with the Bathmate to stretch your ligaments to target length.

Here's how you do it.

When you have the Bathmate on, push down on it from above to stretch the ligaments on the top of your penis.

This exercise is good because these ligaments don't usually get stretched and the combination of your full-erection sealed with the Bathmate's water chamber pressure is perfect for targeting this.

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