PhalloGauge: Money Back Guarantee

Last updated January 7, 2017

Return policy

You may return the product at at any time within 120 days (approx. 4 months) of the date of purchase.

Compensation may be claimed if the merchandise proves to be damaged or substandard. This shall not apply if deterioration of the merchandise is attributable exclusively to its inspection - as would be possible, for example, in a store.

Shipments that are sent to the wrong address due to the customer inputing incorrect shipment information will not be refunded.

Damaged items due to incorrect usage of the device and negligence on behalf of the customer will not be refunded.

If the merchandise is in the suitable condition as outlined above, upon completion of the review of the returned items, the PhalloGauge team will proceed to compensate the customer for all monetary costs incurred by customer via PayPal or Stripe merchant services, including the cost of shipping to return the item.

By purchasing PhalloGauge LLC products, the customer agrees to these terms and conditions on this page.