"I Hate My Job" and What All Successful Men Do to Escape

Written by Jeff Ferrara on August 30, 2016

a man who is quitting because he hates his job

Why you hate your job

You're trading time for money ...and not that much for it.

Think about what your boss or company owner is getting for your time.

It should be obvious.

He's getting both time and money.

It's a simple fact that companies generate profit (money) otherwise they will go out of business.

If a worker of a company contributes their time and effort, as well as their skillset, then that's that much work that the owner or boss doesn't have to contribute to the company.

As a result, they have more time to either manage the company or more time to manage other businesses. Oh, and more free time for vacation, family, etc.

That's why the rich get richer - they have more time than anyone else and know how to use it more efficiently than the poor. They make time.

What do you get?

Well you get money for your time... and that's it.

And unless you're in a dynamic, useful industry, you're probably not improving upon universal skills that will help you become the boss (communication, deal-making, sales, etc.).

While not bad - better than being a bum on the street - consider this:

Money is simply worthless when you're 60+ years old.

While money can buy you security and health insurance and doctors - these don't positively contribute to a happy lifestyle at that age.

Money is even more worthless when you're dead.

Time is, and will always be the most valuable at every stage in your life, because you only have 80 years, or 2,523,000,000 seconds of it. Not much more, not much less - no way to get significantly more of it.

Deep down, you know you're working for someone - not true freedom.

Your building someone else's business. You're building someone else's dream.

Remember, money, in of itself, has no value.

It has virtual value - you can get things of value with it.

However, there's one invaluable asset that is infinitely more valuable than the virtual value of money - your freedom.

If you had the freedom to do whatever you want, and had a framework that supported that lifestyle - then you would be truly free.

Deep down you know this is true.

The freedom to not have to answer to anyone but yourself. The freedom to not have to deal with annoying/nosy co-workers. The freedom to say whatever you want.

Sure, we're better off than living in war-torn 3rd world countries, but, you if you're reading this, chances are, you live in a 1st world country like the USA or Europe, or many others.

The standard for these countries is high social mobility.

This means that if you want to get from point A to point B (for most people point B is rich and free) - with enough work, you should be able to do it.

You actually don't care enough for true freedom to work for it.

Let's put it this way, the slaves of USA literally put their lives and their family's lives at risk to escape the southern plantations to the north.

And you can't even put your livelihood on the line to tell your boss "I'm going to give my two weeks notice."

Because, let's be honest, you're scared.

Don't worry, I was too.

The only option to break out of the slog cycle

The goal most men should aim for - what age to quit

Most successful men who hate their job should aim to quit their day job by age 30.

Your 20s are probably the most energetic time of your life, so you need to harness that energy to make the dream real by age 30.

Remember, like we said earlier, money is less valuable at an older age (can't spend it well on fun things like a young man).

So the only way to quit your day job by age 30?

Build your own business that you own and run.

This is literally the only surefire way to quit your job if you hate it and still lead a non-risky sustainable lifestyle.

There are no shortcuts in life.

Nothing worth doing in life every came easy.

There's no stocks shortcuts or get rich schemes that are self-sustainable. Well besides robbing a bank - but the risk-reward is simply not worth it, especially if you live in a first-world country, there are much higher reward-risk options.

You're literally getting back 50% of your life.

a Felix Dennis quote

This effort will be an amalgamation of your skills.

Don't know what "amalgamation" means? Look it up.

If you can't even do this, don't even bother to think about quitting your job and becoming truly free.

Sure, I could just Google it for you, but this is your first test.

This is to get you into the mindset to take the initiative into your own hands. Because it's going to get a hell of a lot harder than this. And we're already providing you more information than a university provides in most college degrees.

Ok, I'll give it to you. In short, I meant that you absolutely will need to combine and muster all of your skills to create your business and execute the running of it effectively.

What are some universally useful skills?

Here's the indisputable short list.

  • Sales

  • Persuation

  • Copywriting

  • A/B Testing

  • Data Analysis

  • Market Analysis

Maybe we'll elaborate on this subjects in future articles. Just leave a comment asking which one you're most interested in.

But what if I don't have skills?

Get some. Do something. Anything is better than nothing.

We just gave you the most useful shortlist ever. Nothing complicated or secret about this list.

Research these skills. Learn how they work and why they work.

If you can't even do that... well I can't help you then. However, we don't mind if you'd like us to elaborate on this a little more, however.

Any action, no matter how bad you fail is better, than sitting around doing research all day.

Action always yields positive experience (whether the result is a failure or not). The ones who quit their jobs simply have the most experience.

It doesn't matter if they have 1000 success and 1000 failures under their belt. Or if they have 100 successes and 2000 failures - they will have the experience and know-how to adapt in situations that will ultimately allow them to succeed.

That's because an experience where you fail teaches you how to not fail in the same way in the future.

How to prepare to quit your job

Fuck you money

Ok, we get it - voices of "I hate my job" echo everyday, gnawing at your soul.

This next item is what you'll need not only to get the confidence to actually pull the trigger and quit your job, but is also a practical item to support your lifestyle.

That's the "Fuck-You Money".

It's what it sounds like.

It's basically your cash reserve that will allow you to fall back on so that you can survive if you do choose to quit your job. That is, your Trump card, if you choose to go out with a cussing bang, or a peaceful departure from your job.

It's also extremely powerful in negotiating better wages and better working conditions - which we recommend you don't spend too much time fussing over, because you want to get out ASAP.

This money is essentially savings, either from your current salary, or savings from profits earned from the side business which you started as a side-project, supplementing your income.

Make sure you start your side-business while you are still currently employed.

It's extremely irresponsible to cut off your day job salary without a functioning, self-sustained business up and running.

Ultimately, if you're capable and compentent it doesn't matter whether you currently have a job or not.

a man capable of achieving anything he sets his mind to.

This is where you need to take a hard look at yourself.

What are your strengths, your weaknesses? How will you overcome your weaknesses?

What competitive advantages do you have? Are you a people's person? Are you a great strategist? Do you have high tolerance for pain and loss? Is your ability to bounce back and persevere strong?

What skills do you have? What will you need to outsource or hire for?

The one who can address all the issues that will arise in their individual journeys will succeed simply because as Felix Dennis said above, "If you keep trying, no matter how many times you'll fail you'll succeed ...because in the end, you'll get it right"

There is no such thing as luck in the conventional sense.

Luck is merely when preparation meets opportunity.

That means the skilled, hard-working diligent ones will succeed because it is written in their genetic (or self-improved upon) code.

Remember, there are diamonds everywhere, you just have to dig deep enough - and this is something most aren't willing to do, so there's huge opportunity here.

Be smart about it - don't quit without a plan A, B, and C.

How much money do you really need?

The answer to this question is actually very simple.

However, the exact answer changes based on your feeling and desired lifestyle changes.

For example at age 25, you may be willing to live frugally with roomates with a monthly rent of $575.

But at age 40, you want (notice I said want not have) to suppport your family as well as live in a house.

(By the way, we don't recommend buying a house unless you have the cash on hand).

All you have to do is calculate your monthly expenses, come to terms with the standard of living and see if your savings will cover those costs.

It's simple math really - addition, subtraction, multiplication.

The real question is if you can stick with that budget.

Ideally, your business will provide you with a source of revenue that will provide some flexibility with that monthly/yearly budget, which even further demands the need for your business if you wish to quit your job.

In Conclusion

If you hate your job and want to quit, it's 100% possible for every person out there. But it's probably one of the hardest, yet most rewarding things that will ever happen in the 2,523,000,000 seconds of your life.

It will be more rewarding than that pay raise, or that new job you just got hired for. It'll be more rewarding than getting married, or having kids.

You know you want to, but you're scared.

That's understandable... for a few minutes.

Now toughen up, bite the bullet and simply take these starting tips to go out and quit the job you hate so much.

That's true freedom - doing whatever you want with your life. Taking it back for yourself.

Take risks.

Make mistakes.

Learn from mistakes.

Spend money - buy capital, advertising, labor.

Lose money on these things - see what worked and what didn't. Learn.

Iterate, repeat this process.

Try many small things, get a valid data experience points.



You'll find yourself there eventually - unless you quit prematurely.

If you do this, only death will be able to stop you - nothing else.

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