Increase your Productivity by 5000%: What They Should Have Taught You In High School

Written by Mike and Jeff on January 2, 2016

This is not a bullshit article on things we suggest you try and hopefully they'll work.

You either do this and it works or it doesn't.

However, we expect it will work for 95% percent of those who actually do it.

We expect it to work for 99% of those who modify this procedure very slightly to fit their logistics.

That's how confident we are in this method.

  1. Today (now), write down 5 things you want to accomplish tomorrow. Put the thing you want accomplished the most first, even if it's not your 9-5 job related.
  2. Set an alarm for 10pm tonight.
  3. Set your alarm clock for 5am and put it far away from your bed.
  4. Go to sleep at 10pm when your 10pm alarm goes off. Just lie in bed even if you're not tired.
  5. Wake up at 5am.
  6. Head to work (assuming its a weekday).
  7. Do the first thing on your list of 5 TODO items, even if its not related to your 9-5 job.
  8. When that's done, do the next thing, and repeat until you finish.

Ideally, by 4 or 5pm, you finished all the things you wanted to get done (side business), but also finished your 9-5pm job/salary responsibilities.

Getting up early and arriving to work early (and ideally first), gives you the time and freedom to do whatever you want. No one to judge what you're doing and when they arrive and see you, they assume you're an overachiever.

Coffee is allowed. Only before 11am. One cup maximum.

Do not take a nap between 6-9pm.

If you absolutely must close your eyes for a little, do it while sitting on a chair or couch. Not on a bed.

You should be moderately tired or exhausted by 9pm or 10pm.

Repeat the steps.

For those that do this productivity method after one day, you'll understand why it works.

Thus, we won't bother to explain why it works here.

If you don't even try it once, well, you don't deserve to understand why it works, anyway.

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