How to Get Fuck You Money - The Hard Truths and Overcoming

Written by Jeff Ferrara on November 7, 2016

What's "Fuck You Money"

If you had so much money that you could pretty much do whatever you want - that's "fuck you money".

In other words, you aren't dependent on the teat of a paymaster for survival or to maintain a decent lifestyle.

For most people, this is their company that pays their 9-5 salary or hourly wage.

Where Do I Get F-U Money?

This is a simple concept that a lot of people overlook.

If you're not working for someone, money doesn't just grow on trees, you have to earn it yourself.

For most people, this means creating a side-business, or side-hustle - one that they control and are completely responsible for.

Your own business

This advice is a departure from what your parents told you and what they taught you in high school.

It's risky.

It's nerve-racking.

But it's also the road less traveled and the most rewarding.

We don't recommend you immediately quit your day job and start a business - that's just irresponsible and stupid.

What you need to do is invest part of your time into this business and look at it's performance (cash flow) to finally decide after a few years of building it, whether it's stable enough to deliver the Fuck you money and actually allow you to quit your day job.

Where to not get F-U Money


Statistically speaking, for all practical intents and purposes, do not do the lottery - not because it's a waste of money, $10-15 bucks a crack for a ticket is not that bad.

Rather, it's a waste of time.

The time you spend buying and hoping to actually win the damn thing is way stupider when you really think about it.

That time could have been spent building your side hustle.

Instead you're just waiting around doing wishful thinking. Essentially wasting time.

Get rich quick, schemes.

Here's the hard truth - there is simply no shortcut to getting rich.

Sure there are ways to optimize and make yourself more efficient, but that still requires long hours and hard work.

If there was a shortcut that existed, and someone is trying to sell you that method, why wouldn't they just use that method themselves?

Why share it with others and give away their competitive advantage to making money?

It's because they're trying to sell you something!

If they close 1,000 deals on eBooks on shortcuts on how to get rich, that's exactly how much money they'll make!

No refunds!

Another way of proving that there's no quick way to get rich is because the economy would simply not be stable if there were such a way.

Millions of people would be making ridiculous amounts of money and that money wouldn't be coming from anywhere!

It would just be a big bubble (similar to the '08 housing crisis in the United States) and just implode of it's own volition!

Main takeaway: Anyone offering get rich quick schemes are trying to sell you something and you're just another sale (out of thousands) that they're trying to close to generate their own unethical income.

Hard Truths on Fuck You Money

1. No one is going to teach you how to get it.

Once you understand this fact, and I mean fact.

It is truly liberating.

Think about it. If you were always hoping that the answer would hit you or that someone would enter your life giving you all the answers, you would never take action.

You would die before that happened.

But now that you've read this hard truth, you can start taking action on your own terms.

You can learn techniques and strategies on how to get money, but that still requires taking action yourself.

2. Experience obtained through action is more valuable than knowledge is a lot of cases.

Experience yields certain pods of knowledge that cannot be obtained by reading.

Spending $500 on ads and analyzing the conversion rates and return on investment is way more valuable than just reading a book on how to buy advertising.

You feel the pain of losing that money and have the opportunity to learn what you did wrong and what you did right.

3. The path is lonely.

Given the hard work that is required, your friends and family will not understand you.

They will want you to give up and just "stick to your day job".

If they don't say this out loud, this is what they're thinking if you mention that you're trying to start your own business/side-hustle.

Your best course of action is to ignore them.

They will never understand, so don't try to change their opinions - it's a waste of time.

4. Fear will seep in.

Use it to push you from behind - and in the end, you will thank that fear.

Most will give in to the fear - and they will end up back at their original company's job.

But hopefully, you'll be the one sitting at your beachfront home sipping margarita without a care in the world - or an asshole boss getting on your case.

But those that never give up and use the fear and doubt as a spur, will make it.

If you ignore the paralysis from fear, the only thing that can stop you is death.

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