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How to Get Fuck You Money - The Hard Truths and Overcoming

Fuck you money is key to living a life where you do whatever you want to do, say what you whatever you want to say, and simply living life on your terms. Learn the hard truths here.

"I Hate My Job" and What All Successful People Do to Escape

Here's the exact, and only thing you can do when you voices of "I hate my job" resonate louder and louder. This is actionable advice for every man looking to break free.

Become Immune to Smartphone Notifications

Here's how you should be prioritizing your time instead.

The Recipe: Women, Weed, and Weather

These are the three things that lead to comfort and happiness for men: Women, Weed, and Weather.

Increase your Productivity by 5000%: What They Should Have Taught You In High School

Do this and you'll get more done in the day in way less time. This is a scheduling strategy that is literally done by computers and operating systems, and is easily applied to your work life as well.