How to Cure Peyronie's Disease with Penis Extenders

By Dr. Jeff Ferrara

Updated on August 16, 2018

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What is Peyronie's Disease?

Peyronie's Disease is a condition that occurs in men, which is characterized by calcium deposits in the penis shaft.

These calcium deposits disfigure the penis by making it bent in unaesthetic ways, making the look of the penis shaft typically undesirable.

These calcium deposits are also known as "plaques".

In simpler terms, Peyronie's Disease typically results in an "abnormally curved" penis.

An example of Peyronies Disease

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So what's the problem?

The problem that most guys who have Peyronie's Disease can agree with is that it makes your penis look disfigured due to the unnatural curvature.

For some, this curvature due to the plaques are so bad that it actually affects the guy's ability to have sex properly.

Some, if not all, it affects them on a psychological level that makes them even "shy" away from even have sex, even with a willing and wanting partner.

Those effects are horrible.

The greatest physical pleasure from life being taken away from you against your will.

But good thing, treatments have come up to treat Peyronie's and we're going to discuss a popular and effective method: penis extenders.

What are Penis Extenders?

Penis extenders are devices that were invented to originally treat Peyronie's Disease.

And for the most part, they have been successful in doing so.

But don't just take my word for it. Here are some testimonials of guys actually successfully straightening out their penises using penis extenders.

successful penis extender treatment for Peyronies Disease

And there are thousands of testimonials similar to this one above.

This testimonial in particular was very long, about 3000 words, so it really shows that there is a large group of people out there who have tried it and have really detailed their positive feedback.

Penis extenders have traditionally consistened of a two-rod and rigid frame system.

This is exactly what it sounds like - penis extenders were essentially braces that held the penis in a straightened out state known as the "traction postition".

It's sort of like a cast that your arm or leg goes in when you break a bone.

Like the cast, it's used to keep the penis straightened out and prevented from bending.

However, it does more than just straightening. It also stretches the penis.

While casts and braces aim to just keep the body part in a fixed position - the penis extender departs from this by also stretching the penis shaft.

We will see later how this is the actual treatement that is used to target the Peyronie's Disease calcium deposit plaques.

However, penis extenders have now technologically advanced to other mechanical methods of penis stretching.

Penis extenders have been around for about 2 decades already.

So it's only natural that the technology advanced throughout this period of time.

And it has.

There are penis extenders that now work by pulling on the penis rather than holding it in the traction position.

This gives all sorts of benefits in practicality, user-experience, and results.

Well, what do I mean by that?

It means, you can now wear a penis extender without anyone ever knowing, and they could be literally 1 foot away from you.

They could be feeling your crotch (highly unlikely, of course) and still not tell that you're wearing a penis extender.

But these advances are for later, once you're actually thinking about buying a penis extender.

For now, let's actually see the science on how they can treat Peyronie's Disease to help you with your curvature problem.

How can Penis Extenders treat Peyronie's Disease?

In a nutshell, penis extenders provide the physical resistance against the plaques that are causing the curvature.

They do this by bending the penis in the opposite direction that the penis is currently bending in.

Think of it like a piece of bent paper.

If you want to straighten that piece of paper out, you flatten it multiple times and push against the crease until you get the paper as straight as possible.

It doesn't just happen with one try, and it's the same with the penis extender.

You have to flatten it hundreds of times to get it pretty good (and even then it's not perfect), and it's in a much straighter state than it was previously.

The time it takes is a very important factor.

Just like the paper example, the straightening does happen in just one session.

You have to apply the treatment multiple times.

The same is 100% true with the penis extender therapy.

Think about what's going on:

There's this hard piece of calcium plaque stuck inside the penis shaft.

This material is relatively hard, like a piece of gravel or rock.

Just like with a rock, you can break it down by slowly chipping away at it. That's where the resistive force comes into play.

The penis extender creates this resistive force to slowly chip away at the plaque.

How long does this take?

As you can expect, it takes many months, to treat and cure Peyronie's Disease.

Of course, it depends how bad your Peyronie's is to being with.

If it's a slight curvature, it will probably take a few months.

If you have a 60 degree to 90 degree bend, it will take you at least a year.

In Conclusion

Penis extenders are a very practical and effective way to treat and cure Peyronie's Disease.

However, the time requirement to use them is high, on the order of months and for the worst cases, years.

Regardless, if you're suffering so bad that you can't even have sex mentally and physically, it is more than a reasonable solution.

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