Losing Fat for Penis Length Gains and Looking Great

Written by Mike and Jeff on January 2, 2016

Everybody can expect to gain 0.1 to 0.3 inches in length if they are overweight.

This is generally for those who are 15% body fat and above.

If you do have a higher percentage body fat, then it is highly likely that some of that fat is accumulating around your pubic area.

This fat starts to protrude around the base of your penis, effectively making it smaller.

Thus there can be quite a bit of room for length improvement if you can reduce the body fat around this area.

But the benefits of fat-loss don't stop there.

You will also lose fat around your face making your face structure more pronounced, aesthetic and attractive.

A six pack doesn't hurt either (ab-exercise don't build six packs, fat burning does).

While we expect most of our customers and blog audience is already physically fit, the purpose of this article is to layout a plan to lose fat for those unsure of how to go about it.

The first thing to understand about losing fat is that you cannot spot target locations to lose fat.

This includes the fat around your pubic area.

When you lose fat, it generally is taken from all parts of your body at the same rate.

There are some genetic and gender considerations at where the body fat comes off first, but it very subtle.

For example, in some males the face loses the fat first, and the belly fat goes last.

Despite this example, for practical purposes, this is not how you should go about losing fat.

Just understand that during your fat-burning process, you may observe that your face looks thinner, but you still have some fat around your belly.

Thus, you have to focus long-term in order to see results.

How long will it take though?

A major fat-burning journey is on the order of months to a year. It all depends on how much fat you want to lose. Most newbies and people with higher body fat will experience "newbie" gains and seem faster improvement over someone who is already fit and plateaued.

A basic guideline to follow

A diet is responsible for 80% to 90% of your results.

In order to lose fat you need to be in a Calorie deficit.

This means calculating your daily Calorie expenditure and consuming approximately 100 to 300 Calories under that number each day.

Calorie deficit = Calories you eat is less than Calories you burn

Daily exercise increases the amount of calories burned.

However, do not make the deficit too high. This will put your body into starvation mode and mess up your metabolism, potentially dropping it such that you aren't burning as much as you should.

That's why we recommend a deficit of 100 to 300 Calories a day.

Again its a long-term commitment. There is no quick solution. Just like penis enhancement.

The caloric deficit method also means you can technically eat anything you want, as long as the numbers work out.

That's why you'll hear stories of bodybuilders who eat Pop-Tarts and ice cream and other crap.

While this can work for a while, or you need a sweet fix, the downside is that you aren't getting the essential vitamins and nutrients from "healthful" food.

These micronutrients and vitamins are essential to operating your body properly, getting good workouts, repairing muscle tissue, and maintaining hormonal balances.

For long-term you should either be eating your vegetables to get these micronutrients or taking a supplement.

You need to also get enough protein to maintain your muscle tissue, because you will be losing some during a fat-burning phase.

Fats are also essential to maintaining hormone balances.

Carbs are the least needed macronutrient, but provide quick energy.

Just remember to get enough protein, fats and micronutrients, and fill the rest of your Caloric budget with carbs at the lowest priority and you can't go wrong.

Remember it takes a while to see results. The secret is consistency.

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