The Complete Men's Kegels Guide to Pump More Blood and Build a Harder, Healthier Penis

By Dr. Jeff Ferrara

Updated on August 16, 2018

What's a Kegel and Why Should I Care About Them?

A kegel is a simple exercise that trains your pelvic floor muscles which are directly responsible for blood flow in your penis and ejaculation.

Kegels also combat erectile dysfunction and can help you to get an erection on demand - useful during sex.

Kegels can also help to maintain certain erection levels which is incredibly useful in penis enlargement exercises that demand certain erection levels.

Outside of penis enlargement, kegels help men to shoot ejaculate farther. This has perfect application for men in the porn industry.

Side note: Kegels can also help you to last a little bit longer if you absolutely have to pee, and can't find a bathroom. This is why kegels are prescribed to elderly men who may have trouble reaching the bathroom in time.

While you may or may not care about this result of doing kegel exercises, we expect most men, like yourself will definitely benefit from the increased blood flow, and overall penile health benefits stated above.

In fact, all the benefits of kegels are quite numerous to ignore, considering how easy they are to do.

Kegels can be done anywhere

This is 100% true.

You can do Kegels relaxing at home while watching your favorite TV show.

You can do Kegels on the bus or at work.

You can do Kegels while walking or standing in line.

The best part is that no one can tell if you're doing kegel exercises, even if they're standing within 1 foot of you.

Because they can be done anywhere, the benefits of Kegels (increased blood flow) are easily obtained and with essentially no cost.

How to Do 1 Kegel Rep

To perform a Kegel, you first need to find your pelvic floor muscles and then repeatedly contract and relax them.

So you need to find your pelvic muscles. Where the heck are they?

Focus on the area between your testicles and your anus. Now squeeze and tighten that area. Hold for a second or two. Now release.

Congratulations, you just performed one kegel!

Now that you have the general feeling of what a kegel feels like, try to expand the amount of area that you are tightening to reach more of the internal muscles, above the area between your testicles and anus.

Kegels help you control orgasms and premature ejaculation

First of all, how do kegels control premature ejaculation (getting an orgasm in less than 10 seconds when having sex)?

They strengthen the muscles near and around your prostate that is responsible for releasing your ejaculate!

Think of your prostate as a valve that releases semen and urine. You can either close or open this valve.

Most of natural reactions for orgasm and urination are fairly automatic - not much thinking is involved.

However, when you train and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, and you have the mind-penis control to activate these muscles, you can close the valve that the semen flows through and you can effectively prevent yourself from ejaculating too early, and instead to it on command!

Doing Kegels During Penis Enlargement Indirectly Contributes to Size Gains

Remember, kegels are just another natural penis enhancement exercise.

They stimulate the blood flow directly to your penis.

As we know from our other guides and tutorials, blood flow to your penis is an important pillar to actually gaining size (after creating micro-tears in the tissue through manual exercises).

Additionally, when you do manual exercises like stretching and jelqing (full guide), you're in a preoccupied state, so it's clearly better to kill two-birds with one stone by completing your kegel quota during the time you're doing exercises.

Some Kegel Variations to Maximize the Benefits of Kegel Training

Choose a different body position.

You can start by lying on your back until you get the feel of contracting the pelvic floor muscles.

Later, you can practice while sitting and standing as well.

Vary the time for holding each kegel squeeze.

Practice both short squeezes and releases (sometimes called "quick flicks") and longer ones (gradually increasing the strength of the contraction and holding it at your maximum for up to 10 seconds).

Mastering long contractions may take more practice.

Consciously relax the muscles between each repetition, and hold the relaxation phase for the same amount of time as the contraction.

Start by holding each one for 3 to 5 seconds, resting the same number of seconds between contractions.

Build up to 10-second contractions, with 10 seconds of rest between contractions.

Things to Avoid When Doing Kegels

Keep all other muscles relaxed.

When doing kegels, don’t contract your abdominal, leg, or buttock muscles or lift your pelvis.

Remember, we're trying to target your pelvic floor muscles - if you want to work these other muscles, feel free to work them out at the gym!

Place a hand gently on your belly to detect unwanted abdominal action.

Number of Kegel Repetitions You Should Do Everyday

Try to do at least 30 to 40 Kegels every day.

It is more effective to spread the exercises throughout the day than to do them all at once.

One simple starting regimen is to do 10 before getting out of bed, 10 standing after lunch, 10 in the evening while sitting watching TV, and another 10 before going to sleep.

Another easy routine is to target times when you're waiting or standing around doing nothing. For example:

Do 10 reps on the bus. Do another 10 reps while eating lunch. Do another 10 reps on the ride home. Do another 10 reps during your manual penis enlargement exercise routine at home.

Pretty much, do them whenever you have some sort of downtime, and you can't go wrong. This way you don't really have to plan it out completely.

Some more ideas for times and places to do kegels: in the car sitting at a stoplight, waiting for an elevator, or waiting in a grocery line, lying in bed when you have trouble falling asleep.

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