How to Shave Your Pubic Hair Without Cutting Yourself (For Men)

Written by Mike on January 30, 2016

Shaving your pubic hair is extremely daunting, and to some extent, a dangerous task.

However the visual aesthetics that you gain are the silver standard if you're trying to appear as hairless as possible.

The gold standard would be waxing, but I think for most guys the trade-off between the amount of hair removed via waxing and the pain you have to go through is not quite worth it.

I'll state it right off the bat, this guide is going to be very detailed and will tell you every single consideration you need to make when doing this process.

The simple fact is, one wrong move, and you're going to end up cutting yourself.

That small cut that you make will probably bother you for the next few days.

So please be patient and read every line of this guide and really understand that there's no shortcut for trying to shave your pubic area, but rather get in the mindset of trying to understand what mistakes to avoid and keep these pitfalls in mind at all times in order to prevent accidents from happening.

With enough practice, you will have mastered the pubic hair shaving procedure and it will be a useful skill to have for the rest of your life.

Here are some more personal experience comments and considerations I will make before you start.

From personal experience, while I'm able to get a good to shave down there, I find that after about two to three weeks, the hair starts to grow back, and there is usually one night where I simply cannot sleep due to the irritation.

The reason for this is because my hairs are naturally thick, and the stubble that it creates start poking into my penis and other areas downstairs.

I remember that there was one night where I absolutely couldn't sleep at all, no matter what I did.

I tried splashing cold water, I tried putting aloe to soothe the itching, and I even tried to put a cloth separation between my penis and my pelvis.

Long story short it was torturous night.

I'm just telling you this because if you have thick hair like me, you will probably experience the same thing one night when your hair starts to grow back.

It's just a warning and one way to prevent this is to consistently shave your hair so that it's always short and it should prevent a torturous night like like this from ever happening.

One important thing is to not scratch if you start to feel irritation and itchiness settling in the region, because once you start scratching, you start to create small lacerations and cuts in the upper skin layer from your fingernails.

These cuts from scratching will be irritated further when the stubble starts to poke into the cuts.

Then you start to scratch some more because of the irritation and itching.

The cycle keeps repeating itself.

It's truly a vicious cycle that contributed to that one night when I couldn't sleep at all.

Before you start shaving, you need to trim the long hairs with electric hair clippers.

So, before we can even get to shaving your pubic area, you definitely want to do a first pass at trimming your hair down if your pubic hair exceeds a quarter of an inch.

The reason you need to do this is because the razor won't be able to catch onto the hairs and cut it if its too long.

Additionally, it will make shaving the hairs much easier and save you lots of time by preventing you from doing multiple passes with the razor.

To do this first preparation step, you need to buy and invest in a quality set of hair clippers if you don't already have one.

You can easily search on Google or Amazon for a set of clippers.

I personally use the Norelco clipper set and it can be found here.

I like this set because it also has a nose hair trimmer and other useful accessories.

Oh, and not to mention it gives a clean, quality cut for regular hair trimming.

Using the smallest blade as possible on your hair clippers just go all over and mow down as much of the hair as possible while trying to get as close to your skin.

This goes for your pubic area above your penis, the hairs on your penis shaft, the hairs on your testicles, and the hairs near your anus region.

Of course, don't lose focus when doing this, because even hair clippers can snag on to lose pieces of skin like the notorious testicle skin if you're not careful.

One trick is to try and brush the hair up against the grain so that it stands up and is easier to clip with the hair clippers.

Now onto actually shaving with a razor.

The first thing you need to do is warm up your skin.

To do this, soak the designated area in warm to hot water for 1 - 3 minutes.

The water doesn't need to be scalding hot, but needs to have generous heat to open up the pores where your hairs grow out of.

After that, apply the shaving cream. Lather it up and start spreading it.

Try to really lift the hair up off of your skin with the shaving cream.

What I mean is, don't just slap the shaving cream on there and think that's good enough. Try to rub the shaving cream and mix it with the hairs in such a way that it starts to cause the hairs to rise upwards.

Now you're ready to start shaving.

The most important thing to keep in mind, every second when you're shaving, is to always keep your skin taut, tight, and smooth.

If your skin is not taut, tight, and smooth, and you try to run the razor blade over it, the razor snags onto your skin and this is how cuts happen.

Always be focusing on this because once your mind slips and loses focus, your fingers will start to ease up on keeping your skin tight and that's when you accidentally cut yourself.

So focus! Keep the skin taut and tight, always - that's the key.

You may know this already but when you shave with the grain you won't get as close a trim if you were to shave against the grain.

First let's take care of the easiest area: the pubic area above your penis.

If you're not used to shaving your pubic area - that is, if this is your first time, then I highly recommend shaving with the grain.

With your free hand, hold your penis downwards, out of the way.

Then with your razor hand, stroke downwards cutting hair with the grain.

Remember to keep your skin taut at all times.

Once you get that area, it's time to move on to the actual shaft of your penis.

Depending on your genetics you may or may not have a lot of hair here.

Regardless, the same principle holds true holding your soft skin as tight as possible.

With your penis shaft, you literally have to pull it just as far as possible from the glans (tip) to achieve maximum tightness.

Always be very deliberate with each shaving stroke.

The biggest mistake that most guys make is that they see a straight hair and then they think they can quickly trim it but they forget to keep their skin taut with their other hand and that's when an accident happens.

If you forgot to prepare the area with some electric clippers, do so now before shaving and trim the hairs as close as possible.

This is a requirement before you go ahead and continue with the razor.

Remember, this is because the razor can only snag onto and cut short hairs and it's really hard for it to cut long hairs.

Be especially careful when you try to get hairs on the underside of your shaft.

This is because this is the area where it starts to reach your testicle area and getting the testicle area extremely taught is pretty difficult.

You should be using two fingers from your free hand to spread the skin on your undershaft in two, opposite directions, and applying the razor between the two spreading fingers.

Now let's move on to the testicle area.

Now here's the big problem:

The skin on the testicles take a lot of pulling before they become taut enough and safe for shaving.

Additionally the testicle skin needs to be pulled in multiple directions in order to make a fully smooth surface.

Now the problem with that is that you only have one free hand to accomplish all of this because your other hand is doing the actual shaving with a razor.

Therefore we have to be very smart and deliberate with what direction we're pulling and which direction we're shaving when it comes to the testicle area.

To address this problem, let's start with the sides of your testicles first.

This is the easiest method to shave the testicle skin, and if you can get a lot of hair at this step, then you will have made it a lot easier on yourself when you get to the more problem testicle areas.

So let's say you're trying to shave the right side of your testicles first.

What you want to do is use your left hand to grip some of the skin on your testicles and pull it over and across to your left side.

This will create a tight line of skin that you can shave. So go ahead and shave across that tight line.

Don't be greedy and try to hit any more areas with your razor other than this tight line of skin.

That's where accidents happen.

So, now that you got this tight line of skin using your left hand, grip a new, little bit of the skin next to where you were originally pinching.

This should form a new line of tight skin.

Now go ahead and shave that tight skin.

Continue to do this over and over until you complete shaving the whole right side of your testicles.

Remember always keep in mind: don't be greedy, just be patient. Follow these steps, and you won't cut yourself.

The essential thing to understand is because you only have two hands, the amount of space that you can shave at any time when it comes to the testicles is extremely limited.

Because of this fact, there's just no way around it - you have to not be greedy.

Once you get the right side of your testicles done, do the exact same thing with the left side.

Now comes the hardest part of the whole shaving process: getting the part of the testicles directly beneath your shaft.

If you got as much hair shaving the left and right side of your testicles, then you will have cut out a lot of the hard work from this next step.

If you feel that you can get more hair from shaving the left and right sides of your testicles, then I urge you to go back again and try to get more hair.

Ok, now on to actually shaving the hardest part of your testicles.

The problem here is that there is no one single direction that you can pull to get a tight, smooth surface.

You need to pull in at least two (ideally three directions) in order to get that tight surface.

So with your pulling hands, you need to spread the skin out using two or three fingers.

Once you spread the skin, take a look at which parts of the skin are extremely smooth and tight.

If you think that that area is tight go ahead and shave it and only do one stroke and then reevaluate the surface.

Unfortunately, there's really no easy or fast way around this part.

An effective alternative method to shaving your testicles is to get your clippers and spot the hairs and just trim them off as close as possible.

The reason why this is a good alternative is because for most guys, they actually don't have a lot of hair growing on their balls.

So you can just spot check and spot trim where the largest hairs are growing from and target them individually.

This method is much safer and the result still looks great.

The next part is getting the underside of your testicles where you start to reach the anus area.

While it becomes a little easier because the skin is smoother, you don't have to worry as much about keeping it smooth and tight, as compared to the actual testicle skin.

The main challenge here is that your visibility is reduced.

I would recommend shaving left and right, following the same strategy with shaving the left and right side of your testicles.

After you're done shaving, rinse off in the shaving cream with cool water.

Never use hot water because this will irritate your skin further and will dry it out.

Your skin down there has already gone through a lot - it even has unavoidable micro-cuts on the skin surface from the razor - so to avoid future irritation we need to be very careful to attack the skin even more.

Next, I highly recommend using some sort of skin moisturizer or something to soothe the skin.

Do not use any alcohol based products. This will dry out the area and sting.

I highly recommend looking for products with aloe in it. Aloe is a natural skin soother.

Remember, your skin down there is not used to these types of abrasions especially if you have never shaved down there before, or in a very long time.

After you treat your skin, you are pretty much set.

If you need to dry the area, always, and I repeat always, pat the area down with a towel.

Never rub your skin with the towel to dry it.

Again, this causes more irritation to the skin and the goal is to minimize all sorts of aggressive behavior towards your already traumatized skin.

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