The Complete Edging Guide to Cure Premature Ejaculation

By Dr. Jeff Ferrara

Updated on August 16, 2018

What is Edging

Edging is a form of sexual training that is done by stimulating your arousal to the point just before ejaculation without actually reaching the point of no return with the goal of strengthening your mind-penis connection with the goal of fully controlling when to orgasm and avoid premature ejaculation.

Guy holding in orgasm

Why Practice Edging?

You should practice edging because it prevents premature ejaculation. This is especially useful when having sex in real life.

It also means that you can last longer in bed.

How long can you last?


What this means is that you’re in complete control of when you ejaculate. Whether you want to cum early or hold it out for literally an hour,that choice is up to you.

This leads to better sex sessions with your partner so that you can both satisfy each other, especially if you’ve been letting premature ejaculation ruin your sexual experiences.

Edging promotes penis growth when combined with your penis enlargement regimen

Remember, penis enlargement consists of breaking down the tissues in the penis, so that they can repair and grow back stronger and larger.

But it is a healthy blood flow that delivers nutrients to the penis tissue that is directly responsible for this growth.

So when you practice edging, you're effectively maintaining a strong erection (delivering blood to your penis) for extended periods of time.

When you combine edging with kegels, you're quite literally maxing out the amount of blood flow in your penis.

Compare this to some guys who will do their stretching exercises, but never even have an erection (or try to get one) for days at a time -- not good.

Edging can allow men to develop a multiple-orgasm capability

Tired of squeezing out one and done? Is your partner tired of that as well?

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) some men always had the ability to deliver multiple orgasms within a 1-2 hour period, while some were able to develop this ability through exercises.

What exercise? None other than edging exercises!

Edging can allow for "dry orgasms" in men

What's a "dry orgasm"? It's simply a guy having an orgasm without the ejaculate coming out.

Again, this is related to the fact that guys will usually release all their ejaculate in the first orgasm, and then there isn't any ejaculate left for the subsequent orgasms in that short period of time.

How to Practice Edging When Masturbating

While we here at PhalloGauge are against the consistent watching of porn, since it cause porn-induced erectile dysfunction (PIED). The main reason is that it messes up your brain simply because the stimulation from porn is too great.

However, while we allow porn once in a while, it is definitely a great time to practice edging.

A good compromise is to find a "sexy celeb video" on YouTube and masturbate to that because it's not fully explicit.

That way it doesn't screw up your mind by exaggerating expectations when it comes to your mind-penis connection.

So load up your favorite sexy Taylor Swift feet video in your browser and see how long you can last edging!

One definite requirement you should get in the habit of doing when masturbating, if you don’t already do this is to masturbate with a lubricant.

A bottle of water-based lubricant Another bottle of water-based lubricant Fleshlight water-based lubricant

Why? Well if you’re not, in order to stimulate yourself, you literally have to squeeze your penis in order to masturbate. This choking sensation is much too strong in comparison to vaginal, oral, and even anal sex, and dry masturbation has the potential to desensitize your penis so much that you can’t even get off when you have actual sex.

When you use a lubricant when masturbating with your hand, then you will be able to slide your hand along your penis and this simulates the feeling of a vagina much better than choking your penis, and prevents overstimulation.

Instead of using your hand, we will see later in the article of a tool that you can use that is great for edging called the Fleshlight, which gives more stimulation than your hand and is literally designed for edging training.

Try to keep masturbating gently throughout the whole scene such that your just below the point of no-return.

Imagine you have an arousal level. 0% is completely not aroused, and if you hit 100%, then you’re going to ejaculate. The idea when practicing edging with porn is to keep your arousal level consistently at 90%.

Those who are untrained will have their arousal levels jump wildly between 50% and even hit 100% when practicing edging while masturbating to porn. However, the more you train, and the more your mind-penis connection is strengthened, the variation in arousal level will get smaller and smaller, and eventually, you’ll be able to jump between arousal levels at will.

The most trained guys will be able to stay at a consistent arousal level, or at least change the momentum if they feel that their control is slipping.

For example, say you’re at 90% and as time goes on, you’re slowly slipping to 91%, then 92%, then 93%. A well-trained guy will be able to detect that his arousal is getting too high, and then immediately slow-down in order to bring that level back down.

Using the Fleshlight Toy to Practice Edging

One of the most useful tools for edging is the Fleshlight. It’s so effective at solidifying your mind-penis connection that even male porn stars use it to regularly train themselves in preparation for their scenes.

Fleshlight stamina training unit

Is it better than just edging training with just porn and your hand? Yes.

The reason is because the texture of the toy was designed to simulate that of a real vagina. Additionally, the problem with just using your hand is that most guys tend to overstimulate by gripping too tight, especially if they don’t use a lubricant.

In other words, the texture of Fleshlight is designed to intricately stimulate more than a typical vagina, but not more than a squeezing hand with its ribbed inner texture.

Inside of Fleshlight stamina training unit

There are many designs for the Fleshlight each with a different pattern in the sleeve, each delivering a slightly different sensation, but there is one Fleshlight product in particular that was designed for edging and that is the stamina training unit Fleshlight.

While, there is some work involved with cleaning and maintaining the Fleshlight unit, it is definitely worth it in terms of the benefits for edging training. It’s more work to deal with than just masturbating because you’re allowed to ejaculate into the toy, but after you do that, you have to clean it out with water and a special cleaning solution.

Applying Your Edging Training When Actual Having Sex

Having sex is much different than porn. Like we said earlier, porn is much more stimulating than actual sex. However, actual sex is much more complicated. By this we mean, with porn, you can either pause the video or simply stop masturbating.

You can’t simply stop with sex. You "should" meet your partner’s needs as well.

So, in order to maintain arousal during actual sex, you have to really solidify your mind-penis connection.

Premature ejaculation during sex

There are two aspects to controlling this arousal state during sex: Controlling your mind or controlling any physical sensations.

Unfortunately, the controlling mind aspect only comes during edging practice – it’s not recommended to do edging training when actually having real sex.

However, you can, to some extent control some of the physical sensations that you’re feeling, but not all.

For example, the tightness of your partner is a factor that you can’t control. Whether you’re doing vaginal or anal sex, obviously most guys will find anal sex more stimulating due to it being tighter on their penis. Blowjobs stimulation are very dependent on the skill of your partner.

So while you can’t control the tightness physical sensation, you can control the speed at which surfaces are rubbing against your penis.

For vaginal and anal sex, this means simply moving your hips slower and thrusting slower. Don’t be afraid to even pause for a few seconds in between thrusts, to control your arousal levels.

For blowjobs, a little verbal communication can go a long way. This means simply tell her what you want with the intention of keeping your arousal steadily at 90% without going overboard. Also, you can gently control her head with your free hands.

While there are these small things you can actually do during sex, you should definitely prepare and train your mind-penis connection outside of the bedroom, ahead of time.

In Conclusion, Edging Will Lead to a Much More Satisfying Sex Life

Ultimately having maximum control over your arousal levels, will guarantee you more satisfying sex – no questions asked. You’ll be able to enjoy every second to the fullest and able to optimize how your body receives the sensations.

Thus, some form of edging training is well worth your time.

A couple satisfied with sex

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