An Overview of All Body Modification Methods, Including Penis Enlargement

Written by Jeff Ferrara on August 11, 2016

One you've definitely seen before: Dental Braces

Dental braces have been around since ancient times (400-300 BC), and with the techological advancements, we still use them reliably and consistently to this very day.

Why? Well, because they work!

How do dental braces work?

Dental braces work by using a metal frame (the brace) to push the teeth into a more "desired" position.

This pressure force is applied over long periods of time 1 - 3 years, 24 hours a day. The braces are adjusted by your orthodontist every 3 - 6 weeks.

The body adapts by creating new bone at the root of the tooth (under the gums) to support the new placement.

The force is gentle in that it's not like a sledgehammer, trying to pound your teeth into place.

This combination of a "relatively" gentle force with long-periods of time is a common theme throughout all the body modifications we'll explore in this article.

So it's an important factor in why all these modifications work.

After the teeth have been moved into place, braces are removed and a retainer is used to maintain the changes that the braces created.

The result? A lifetime of straight teeth and a smile to be proud about.

dental braces are common proof for long-term forces applied to the teeth and gums

If you're interested the similarities between braces and penis extenders, check out this article.

Maybe your friends have done this: Ear Gauges

Just like dental braces, ear gauges have also been around since ancient times - most notably, in Africa.

ear gauges originated in Africa, this is an example of it.

How do ear gauges work?

Ear gauges work by stretching the tissue of the ears by applying pressure with an ear gauge.

The ear gauge serves as a plastic "brace" not so different from the dental braces above.

The earlobe tissue is made out of "smooth tissue cells" which are are subject to a biological phenomenon called "hyperplasia".

You can read more about how hyperplasia works here.

Since hyperplasia only works on smooth tissue cells, that's also the reason why it works on your penis which is mostly composed of this smooth muscle tissue.

We'll explore this at the end of the article.

Again, the common theme here is that the tool is applied to the body for long periods of time.

Ear gauges are no exception - they're worn literally all day. They're only taken off for cleaning or to introduce a newer, larger ear gauge to continue the body modification process.

a common result from wearing ear gauges for long periods of time

Something you'll definitely see in my hometown of Hollywood: Plastic Surgery

The methods of plastic surgery are many.

However, we're going to focus on a specific plastic surgery method that builds on the theme of "constant force applied for long periods of time".

Plastic surgery also uses a natural modification method known as "traction".

traction principle is also used in plastic surgery as well as penis enlargement

Body modifications have existed for thousands of years: Lotus Foot Binding

This next one is very real, but not so pleasant.

Like dental braces and ear gauges, this one has existed in ancient China.

The method is none other than "lotus foot binding" or simply foot binding.

The goals was to stunt the growth of the women's feet because it was considered physically attractive to the upper-class in China at the time.

While it does have similar principles to penis enlargement, the biggest difference is that it is incredibly painful.

However, it never really stunted the growth, rather it rearranged where the foot grew

This is very clear from the resulting pictures.

The foot appears smaller, but it actually isn't.

The result is an unattractive "club foot", where the foot mass is simply scrunched up into a ball-like shape.

Sure the length of the foot has decreased, but it what the foot lost in length, it gained in width and thickness.

All parts of the world have done body modifications: Enter the Giraffe-Neck Modification

This is another interesting cultural practice.

It originates amongst the Kayan people of Myanmar. Myanmar borders Thailand.

Myanmar landscape near Thailand

How it works is that metal rings are stacked around the women's neck with the goal of stretching it longer than it originally was meant to be.

This process begins at a very young age.

First, they start with 3 or 5 rings, and as time goes on, they will add one ring, then another, until you get the result below.

With a method as drastic as neck lengthening (after all, it's a major body part), you would think it wouldn't be possible.

However, quite frankly it is through brute force - over a long period of time (it starts with girls at a young age and continues throughout their lifetime).

The proof is visually right there - indisputable.

Finally, the modification you care about, penis enlargement.

It's been clinically proven by doctors.

This is usually a big thing that's on most guys' minds: "Does it work?".

Given all this proof, that's a big, indisputable, yes.

Most of these studies were done in university or medical settings, so we can assume that the quality of these studies are of the highest standard.

However, the caveat - These were studies only done with penis extenders!

penis extender device technical

Why is this such a big deal?

Well, we know that there are other methods of penis enlargement like jelqing for girth, and penis stretching to target length, however, there are no clinical studies and results that prove that these methods are effective.

Now combine this with the fact jelqing and penis stretching are short-term methods - not long term ones like all the other body modifications we discussed earlier - then we can't be truly confident on their effectiveness.

That's because jelqing only lasts 20 minutes and penis stretching takes place over a 20 minute session, but with non-stretching gaps in between each exercise repetition. In other words, you don't hold the stretch for more than 20 seconds each rep.

However, penis extenders are a long-term method!

Think of the penis extender as a neck brace in the plastic surgery example above, or an ear gauge, or the foot-binding shoes, or a dental brace - it's a tool that holds the specific body part in place.

The penis extender is no different from these tools in that regard.

In Conclusion

These procedures have existed for thousands of years.

This is a very important point that we want to show in this article.

Think of it, these methods were done, and continue to be done to this very day. They didn't have sophisiticated measuring tools or methods, they did it simply because they work.

If they didn't work, they would have died out long before this article was published.

Not only do they work, but the modern methods like plastic surgery and penis extenders are popular and widespread in practice to this very day.

Now, all you need to do is make the decision on whether you want to pursue penis enlargement - time to be truly honest with what you want. The outs are there.

All the succesfull procedures consist of "small forces applied for long periods of time".

This is also known as the "traction principle".

Remember, the human body has the amazing ability to adapt to it's surroundings.

This is not only from an evolution perspective, but allowed us as humans to survive all this time.

When your body is experiencing some external forces for long periods of time - the body "thinks" that this is normal and will physically adapt to comply with this new normal state.

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