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Men's Health Guides

How to Make "Erection Tea" - Harder Erections for Only Cents

Learn how to make a refreshing 'erection tea', a powerful tool when combined with penis enlargement exercises and the bedroom.

How to Treat Eczema on Your Penis - The Exact Medication to Get

Eczema on the penis is not only irritating, but ugly to look at. I've personally had ecema there, and I've treated it successfully. Here, I tell you exactly how to treat it and what medication you want to use.

The Complete Edging Guide to Cure Premature Ejaculation

Edging is an exercise that cures and prevents premature ejaculation. This Edging Guide covers how to do it, different tools to use to do it, and how it benefits you for actual sex.

How to Measure Your Penis Size Properly, Accurately, and Most Importantly, Consistently

A huge problem we see is that guys don't measure their size properly. This guide aims to solve that problem by telling you proper measuring techniques to achieve accurate and consistent length and girth measurements.

How to Increase Testosterone Naturally - 8 Lifestyle Changes to Make

Increasing testosterone naturally is very possible through certain lifestyle changes. Here are 8 ways to increase your natural testosterone production.

How to Cure Peyronie's Disease with Penis Extenders

Peyronie's Disease affects mens' physical and mental ability to have sex. Learn how penis extenders can be effectively used to treat and cure this disease.

The Complete Men's Kegels Guide to Pump More Blood and Build a Harder, Healthier Penis

Learn how to do Kegels for Men which is an exercise designed to increase blood flow in your penis, combat erectile dysfunction, and ejaculate farther.

Peyronie's Disease Guide

Learn more about Peyronie's Disease and how to treat and cure it here.

Stop Masturbating for Men - The Benefits of Controlling Yourself

Learn the benefits of limiting the number of your masturbation sessions. We'll see how confidence, sex drive, and overall, self-esteem is greatly improved as a result of doing so.

The Truth About Male Enhancement Cream - Does it Work?

Here, we explain exactly what male enhancement creams do and don't do, and whether they are worth your time and money.