Understanding the Different Penis States to Optimize Your Training

Written by Mike and Jeff on February 28, 2016

In this article, we're going to cover the different penis states.

Most everyone is already familiar with the two common states: flaccid and erect.

different penis states flaccid and erect

However, for penis enlargement, did you know that it's not as simple as this?

Since blood flows into your penis as a liquid, you can take on multiple states in between fully flaccid and fully erect.

Thus, instead of just using the simple terms flaccid and erect, we can attribute your penis state as a percentage of maximum hardness.

Therefore, 0% means that your penis is completely flaccid and 100% means that you are at your maximum erection hardness.

If you can accurately determine what percentage level your penis is at, then you will be able to do your exercises more effectively and quickly.

That's because certain percentage levels are more appropriate and optimal to the exact exercise that you're trying to do.

The Fully Hung Flaccid State

This state typically occurs around a 20% erection level.

It's when your penis is starting to fill with blood and it's the point just before it starts to rise.

a fully hung flaccid penis example

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It's also a good benchmark to understand because some guys don't even understand that even in a flaccid state, your blood is still flowing to your penis.

Then they wonder why certain days they hang lower than others.

Guys who live in warmer weather tend to experience this state more often.

It's also a great state to show off to your partner because it shows how low you can hang and gives her a good idea of your size without immediately maxing out your erection size.

It can also contribute to foreplay.

When she sees you're starting to enlargen (but aren't fully erect yet) it's good for building up anticipation.

At that point you can have her start to service you with her hands or mouth.

This state is also good for getting a good idea of your current size in a mirror.

That's because you can physically see how low you're hanging and know your penis isn't rising upwards yet.

The best thing about this state is that it's easy to tell when you are hard or not.

That's because you can tell that if you pump just a little more blood down there with a good kegel, the transition from spongy to hard will happen.

This state is also an overall healthy state to maintain throughout the day.

That's because it means blood is healthily flowing through your penis and that's a crucial part of the enlargement process.

Like we said earlier, guys who live in colder areas are less likely to maintain this state due to vasoconstriction from the cold weather.

One remedy to this is to use the PG Thermal Wrap to seal your body heat within your penis shaft and maintain the benefits of the fully hung flaccid state - most notably the increased blood flow.

the PG Thermal Wrap

Flaccid state matters when you wear penis extender devices and do manual penis stretching exercises.

Yep, it definitely matters.

Ideally, you don't want to be wearing a penis extender device while you're having an erection.

That's because you don't get a good pull, and as a result a good stretch, trying to wear the device in such a state.

Think of it this way, your penile tissues at a higher erection level are expanding more outwards.

You want them to expand longways for length.

You especially want your septum to lengthen and stretch as far as possible (without invoking injury, of course).

Therefore, maintaining a degree of flaccid-ness during stretching is ideal.

Ideally, you want to keep your erection level below 30% when wearing an extender device or when doing manual stretching exercises (unless you're doing the 'erect stretch' exercise which purposefully has you increase your erection level).

an example of a flaccid penis during a penis stretching exercise

An example of a flaccid penis during a penis stretching exercise.

You'll also find that it's easier to put the extender device on in a lower erection state.

Once you have the device on, then you can try to do Kegel exercises to induce a secondary tugging force and also to try to push blood inside your shaft.

Doing that is perfectly fine, and in fact, recommended.

One big reason why you don't want to put on the extender device while in a highly erect state is because if you happen to lose their erection level, your girth will also decrease, and more often than not the device will eventually slip off.

This is probably the second most common reason for device slippage.

The first most common reason is simply a poor extender device design.

Thankfully, the grip used by the Model S silicone wrap can actually expand outwards if your penis size were to increase due to a increase blood flow while wearing the device.

Erect state matters when you're doing jelqing exercises.

When it comes to penis erection state and jelqing exercises, states much more important to get down.

It's because you can get a totally different effect on your penis when you use different erection levels.

And as far as jelqing is concerned, it really matters because the erection level is directly related to how you are training the penile tissues, and whether you're doing it for the correct desired effect.

The desired effect that you're trying to get with your jelqing stroke is to get the external tissues to roll over the ones in front as you move your OK-grip up the shaft of your penis.

The problem is when your erection level is too low and this desired effect doesn't happen, and instead you just start pulling on your penis.

On the other hand, when your erection level is too high, then you you can't get the tissues to roll over because they're already expanded and in a fixed position.

Taking these two extreme factors into consideration we found that the ideal erection level when doing jelqing is between 50% to 70% hardness erection level.

I personally use 70% as the target erection level.

For most guys, that's not too hard to reach, but you have to put in some mental and physical effort to maintain that correct state.

Another reason why using the correct erection level is important is because when you do jelqing you want to target girth.

When you jelq with too low an erection level you're targeting more of length.

Additionally, when you jelq with too high an erection level then you're actually not really doing much training at all. You're squeezing your penile tissue together, and not really stretching them outwards.

In conclusion it really helps the whole enlargement journey if you can understand he different Penis States

different erection levels for the male penis

Remember, lower erection levels for flaccid states are preferred for stretching (length) exercises.

Higher erection levels (but not maxed out hardness) are perfect for jelqing exercises. Try to aim for a 70% erection level and you can't go wrong.

Try to keep a mental log or written log off how often you get erections naturally because this can give some insight into how easily and how well blood is flowing into your penis.

Knowing this is important because it is a central pillar for the enlargement process: building the penile tissue back bigger and stronger.

After learning the different penis states, you are now more in tune with your body and are ultimately more effective in getting the results that you want.

So go out and use this knowledge and directly apply it to your training program now.

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