How to Optimize Time and Efficiency Jelqing with Machine Gun Jelqing

Written by Jeff on February 5, 2016

So you already know how to jelq.

jelqing steps

It's great huh?

You immediately see temporary girth gains, and for those who have been doing it for a while, I'm sure you've noticed your erections have been consistently bigger and harder, right?

While these benefits are great, I'm sure we can both agree that jelqing still takes up quite a bit of time out of your day.

Do you want to improve the time and efficiency factor of your jelqing routine?

Well then, it's time to learn Machine Gun Jelqing.

What is Machine Gun Jelqing?

stallone firing a machine gun

Machine Gun Jelqing is a term coined by the PhalloGauge Team.

The goal of Machine Gun Jelqing is to make your jelqing sessions as efficient as possible.

That means getting the same amount of jelq repetitions in a single session, within a faster time.

Because jelqing is inherently meant to be a slow stroke, Machine Gun Jelqing is a modification to the classic exercise to optimize parts of the Jelqing process to save you a lot of time.

How to do Machine Gun Jelqing

Before you start Machine Gun Jelqing, we highly recommend you learn or review the basic jelqing technique.

If not, you're most likely going to get lost if you continue to read this article on how to do Machine Gun Jelqing.

Ok, now that you've re-read or reviewed the basics, let's get started.

Machine Gun Jelqing is a modification to the basic jelqing technique.

The first step is to pick a hand to start jelqing with.

Remember, both hands are used for jelqing in order to hit the different angles to ensure full training of all the penile tissues.

But switching between angles and hands is highly inefficient.

You can try this yourself, but time the total time it takes to jelq to the right and the jelq to the left.

I tried it, and the total time it takes to do these two repeitions is about 14 seconds (given I take 5 seconds to do each jelqing motion along the shaft).

This number is further multiplied if you switch hands every other stroke.

Already you can get a better understanding on how much time it takes and we'll soon see how a lot of that time is actually wasted.

So back to the Machine Gun Jelqing steps.

Once you pick your first hand, say your right hand, the next step is to pick which angle you want to jelq at.

Let's say the direction that you pick is a jelqing stroke to the right.

Now, all Machine Gun jelqing requires is that you constantly hit this stroke 10 - 20 times in a row.

Don't switch angles and don't switch hands.

Focus on getting back to the same start and stop positions at the beginning and end of each stroke.

It will already naturally be more efficient because your temporary muscle memory allows your fingers to snap back to the start position much faster.

So, immediately after you complete each stroke, that is, when your fingers reach the base of your penis glans, as fast as possible return those fingers back to the base of your penis shaft and immediately go into the next stroke.

The idea here is to reduce and minimize the total amount of time between strokes.

In other words, you want to hit one stroke right after the other as fast as possible.

But there's one important thing that we're leaving out that is an absolute must-do when doing this type of fast jelqing.

That is, you need to make sure that you're doing the jelq stroking motion fully.

You remember what full correct jelqing stroke consists of, correct?

Remember it's a consistent, even stroking of the fingers down the shaft over the course of 5 seconds.

Try to memorize and internalize how long that 5 seconds feels like, so you have a useful time reference to work off of.

The biggest mistake that guys make is that they don't do their jelqing strokes for the full, complete 5 seconds.

This is more likely to happen during Machine Gun Jelqing because you're naturally trying to minimze the time doing each stroke.

So when you first start Machine Gun Jelqing, you need to make a conscious effort to make sure you're fully doing each jelqing stroke for the full amount of time.

Otherwise, in the long run you're just wasting your time by not maximizing the results you get from your jelqing exercises.

Machine Gun Jelqing is like two speed extremes combine.

You have the actual jelqing stroke which is supposed to be drawn out and long.

But then you have the reload phase, which is where you try to get your fingers back to the base of your shaft as fast as possible.

Additionally, time to complete reps is optimized when you just target one angle with one hand for a decent amount of strokes before adjusting the angle.

Switching angles all the time is very inefficient.

Okay, so now that you've done 10-20 strokes and 1 angle direction, the next thing is to just move 30 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise to target a new angle.

Typically, you'll still be using the same hand for this next angle because the jelq stroke angle is in a different, but similar direction as what you were just doing.

Then, repeat the process for another 10 - 20 strokes.

After that rotate another 30 degrees. And repeat.

After you rotate the angle enough, you'll find that it's eventually time to switch hands.

This will happen once you're penis is angled towards the other half of your body.

Again, after that, it's the same process, just with your other hand.

And that's it. That's pretty much all there is to Machine Gun Jelqing.

Other shortcuts you can do to optimize your efficiency for your jelqing sessions.

Instead of counting each individual jelqing stroke in order to hit your quota, just calculate how long it takes to do say, 20 Machine Gun Jelqing strokes on average.

For example, say it takes you 5 seconds to do a Machine Gun Jelqing stroke. Multiply that by 20 and it would take you 100 seconds to 20 Machine Gun Jelqing strokes.

Now, say you target 8 different shaft angles.

jelqing angles diagram circle

So then, multiply 100 seconds by 8 and it will take you 800 seconds or 13 minutes to do a full rotation of 160 jelqing strokes.

Ultimately, this means you can do 160 jelqing strokes in 13 minutes targeting all angles and ligaments of your penis.

Compare this improvement to regular, inefficient jelqing, that would probably take at least 15 or more minutes to get the same amount of work done.

Then, multiply inefficient time by the number of session, and the amount of time that is wasted starts to get into the hours.

So, instead of focusing on the time or counting, you can just watch a TV show with a known running time, for example, until the first commercial or keep an eye on a clock, and when that deadline occurs, then you have a very good estimate of how much of your exercises you completed.

Again, this is just a mathematical shortcut that you can do to save some mental effort from counting every single stroke.

So play with the numbers and find a plan that satisfies the number of strokes per session goal (200-500 strokes), and the amount of time you want to spend doing it.

Ultimately, it comes down to putting the work in - getting the strokes done. That will always be the number one priority.

Again, by using these calculations you're saving mental effort by not having to count every single stroke.

Another even simpler strategy that reduces the amount of mental effort required is to just break up your jelqing session by a TV show or YouTube video that you're watching online.

You can just look at the timer at the bottom of the video and say: every 5 minutes, I rotate my jelqing angle some amount, say 45 degrees.

That will allow me to get the 4 main jelqing angles (up, down, left, and right) all within a 20 minute period.

Furthermore, if you take 5 seconds for each stroke (with the Machine Gun Jelqing method), you will get 240 jelqing strokes in - and a nice, practical repetition number to hit for a single, daily jelqing session.

Again, we highly recommend between 200 and 500 jelqing strokes per session, once you graduate from being a beginner jeqler.

Other considerations for your jelqing

One thing that most guys don't pay attention to is the amount of lubricant that they're using for their jelqing sessions.

Most of the time, guys will put on a good amount of lube at the start of their session, and then they will never re-apply.

The lube, especially if it's water-based, and not olive-oil, will tend to dry out over the course of your jelqing session.

Therefore, it's important that you re-apply at least once.

Ideally, you should re-apply lube when you start to feel friction and it's drying out.

Again, this is just a simple consideration and pitfall to avoid that will maximize your results from jelqing.

Another trick is to use a smartphone timer or egg timer to divide the angles you're targeting into easy-to-chunk segements.

One other hack is to do your jelqing during a podcast that you like to listen to to be really efficient.

There are many efficiency hacks! Let us know if you come up with one and mention it in the comments section below.

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