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Does Jelqing for Length Even Work? The Definitive Answer

UPDATED by Jeff Ferrara on November 2, 2016

The classic OK grip used in jelqing

The classic OK grip used in jelqing exercises.

Can you use jelqing to increase length?

So you already know that jelqing works and you're looking to see if it can add you some length.

Jelqing is one of the most popular penis enlargement exercises known.

Unfortunately, a lot of guys are under the impression that jelqing exercises primarily target length.

This couldn't be farther from the truth.

Let's first talk about what jelqing does provide in the penis enlargement process.

  1. Jelqing promotes a stronger blood flow in the penis.

  2. Jelqing also provides some girth gains.

  3. Jelqing also produces stronger, harder, and fuller erections.

Now let's talk about what jelqing doesn't provide in terms of penile health and penile enlargement.

Well, there's really only one thing it doesn't provide and that's length.

But that's not the end all and be all when it comes to length and jelqing.

The main point is that jelqing is not the main exercise that you should be doing to increase your length.

If you really want to focus on length, then you should do manual stretching exercises or wear a penis extender device.

But I'm going to hit you with a 180 now - this issue isn't black and white.

Contrary to what I just said, you actually can do jelqing exercises to increase length.

Ok... So how can jelqing increase length?

So you've tried jelqing for a while and you already know how to jelq.

You understand how blood flow affects your penis state and what states are optimal for jelqing.

So how can jelqing increase length? It's done with the natural pulling motion of the jelqing exercise.

Let's understand what's really happening with natural length gains: Cell Hyperplasia.

Hyperplasia is the scientific word for "cell duplication". It means more cells are being grown due to some external stimulus.

Hyperplasia is a bodily result and it is even triggered in more well-known procedures like plastic surgery.

cell hyperplasia in the penis physically creates more size.

An example of a cell in a group engaging in cell duplication (hyperplasia) - more cells = more size.

See, the pulling motion that is naturally apart of doing jelqing contributes to length gains - although it's not that much.

Compare this to manual stretching exercises, which consists of just pulling on your penis for a set amount of time for each repetition.

Because your jelqing stroke typically lasts three to five seconds, there is a sense (although small) of a held stretch involved there.

This is also why after a jelqing section it seems like your penis hangs lower than usual.

However, because the jelqing grip moves along the length of the penis while you're doing the repetition, it doesn't really get in that good of a stretch - the pulling force is actually suppressed.

In other words, the pulling force from jelqing is just a side-result.

Additionally, the time of each jelqing repetition is much lower than that of a manual stretch exercise repetition.

Let's break it down.

A jelq stroke last for 3 to 5 seconds.

A manual stretching exercise usually lasts about 20 seconds.

That manual stretching exercise is held in that stretching position about 4 times longer then a jelq stroke.

This simple fact is that jelqing is not as good as manual stretching for length.

Any length gains from jelqing are minimal and as a result - jelqing is not the ideal method to add length.

So ultimately, it really depends on what you're trying to achieve and how you want your whole enlargement routine to work.

Finding a balance for your routine to obtain both length and girth gains

If you're doing jelqing and manual stretching exercises, then you're pretty much set. But more importantly, make sure you're doing your jelqing correctly.

This is because you're not relying on one type of exercise or the other to increase both length and girth.

However, if you're only doing manual stretching exercises, or if you're only doing jelqing, then you have a problem there.

See, if you're only doing jelqing you're only getting the benefits I mentioned above (girth, increased blood flow, harder, fuller erections), but you're not getting those significant length gains.

In contrast, if you're only doing manual stretching exercises, then you might just end up with a "pencil penis" and not have the necessary exercise targeting to fully complete your desired size.

Here's a simple analogy. If you only do bench presses, dumbbell rows, and shoulder presses - don't expect to gain any size in your legs or thighs.

bodybuilder who skips leg day

So, what we highly recommend is you do both jelqing and manual stretching exercises or do jelqing and wear a penis extender device.

Fundamentally, there is no shortcut when you comes to achieving full, complete, all-around size.

The only time we would recommend doing only jelqing or only manual stretching exercises is if you feel you are satisfied with your current length or current girth and you just want to improve in the other size metric.

The problem? Doing jelqing and manual stretching exercises takes at least half an hour each day.

One thing we realized is that doing both manual stretching exercises and jelqing will take up quite a bit of your time.

This is because a jelqing session typically consist of 200 to 500 strokes.

Now add on to that the typical manual stretching exercises session.

That session is recommended to be 20 minutes long.

So what if you're trying to optimize for time?

Let's do a low ball estimate.

Let's assume that you do the minimum time for each jelq stroke, which is 3 seconds.

And let's say you do the minimum number of jelq strokes recommended for a jelqing session: 200 strokes.

This would mean it would it take you 600 seconds to accomplish this (3 seconds times 200 strokes).

600 seconds? That's 10 minutes of jelqing.

Now this is just the minimum calculation and additionally, we're not even accounting for the time spent between each jelqing stroke or the amount of time it takes to prepare for your session and to clean up after your session.

So in actuality it's much more than 10 minutes.

But for the purposes of keeping it simple, let's just say it takes you 10 minutes to do your jelqing session and 20 minutes to do your manual stretching exercises.

That's a total time of 30 minutes a day dedicated to your enlargement routines. Depending on your personal lifestyle, this may or may not be a lot of time.

A frustrated man with his penis enlargement routine.

For guys who feel that this takes up too much of time, one no-brainer solution routine, is to keep doing the 10 minutes of jelqing each day (for girth gains), and just use a penis extender device to handle the length portion of your routine.

This way you get both the benefits of growth (length and girth) and you've literally chopped 20 minutes off of the time it takes each day to achieve it.

Regardless of whatever routine you stick with, the main take away is you can't expect to get both girth and length gains from jelqing. Instead these are some of the results that you expect from only jelqing.

Instead, you should let jelqing supplement your length targeting exercises to give you a small boost in that length metric.

Focus on the process that gives you the majority of the results for both length and girth.

In Conclusion

Jelqing can help increase length, but its benefits are so small and inefficient, you're better off using a penis extender (like the PhalloGauge extender) or doing manual stretching exercises.

However, you can be confident that it's better than nothing.

Feel free to take a look at some of the other jelqing techniques like wet jelqing. They will give you some good variations to make sure you hit your penile tissues in a complete regimented manner.

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