Crafting Yourself a Homemade Penis Pump That Works

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Updated on April 30, 2020

So you've researched all you can about pump devices and want to try your hand at making one yourself.

If you're resourceful and good with your hands, we'll present to you a blueprint on how to make yourself a home-made penis pump.

Materials Required

Here are the items that you need to start making your own pump.

A Firm Cylinder Chamber

clyinder chamber

This firm cylinder needs to have a wide opening on the bottom and a smaller opening on the top to control the air/water flow and to increase and decrease pressure in this cylinder chamber.

They key things to understand when buying this part from a hardware store is that it should contain the following properties.

  • It needs to be rigid and sturdy

  • It should be transparent

  • It should have a large opening (large enough for you to "fit" inside).

  • It should have an opening on the top, about the size of an inch in diameter (you can drill a hole).

A Soft-Rubber Base

This is also known as a "gasket".

an example of soft rubber
another example of soft rubber

We recommend going to your local hardware store to find (or ask) for pieces of rubber strips (about an inch wide and a quarter of an inch thick) that you can cut for the gasket.

The softness of the strips is important too. You want to see if you can get something in the Shore 20A durometer rating. This feels fairly soft and is easy to cut (you can cut with scissors).

The softness of Shore 20A feels as soft as chewing gum. That's why we recommend going to a local store so that you can actually feel it for yourself rather than ordering something online that you are unsure of.

Anyways, buy a few feet of these rubber strips - it's always better to have extra rather than make an extra, uncessary trip back to the hardware store.

A Squeeze Pump

You can buy one of these online or you can make your own.

a hand-squeeze pump
a flexible plastic tube example

If you want to make your own, you need to find a rubber ball and a plastic tube. Then follow these steps:

  1. Cut a circular hole in the rubber ball with the same outer diameter as the plastic tube that you're using.

  2. Stick the tube into the rubber ball, but not all the way.

  3. Use the epoxy adhesive (see the epoxy application steps below) to join the tube to the ball.

  4. Let it dry (takes about a few hours).

  5. Make sure there are no holes in your new squeeze pump by covering the open end of the tube and squeezing the ball. The ball should not be able to be squeezed.

  6. When doing the squeeze test above, also listen for air leaks to identify where the holes are in your squeeze pump. They will typically be located near the joint where the tube connects to the ball.

Don't be afraid to use ample epoxy adhesive. Use as much as it takes to get the job done - no air leaks!

This squeeze pump should have a tube connecting out of it. It should also have a valve on top to control the pressure by letting air/water in and out of the chamber.

Strong Adhesives - to secure everything together

You won't be able to use the Elmer's glue that you used to use in kindergarten. You're going to need some high-quality, industrial bonding adhesives.

The perfect adhesive that you can use for your penis pump (and other household industrial-like DIYs) is 3M Epoxy. Get a DP rating anywhere between 100 and 250.

3M Epoxy Adhesive

I also highly recommend getting the application tips and the ejection gun - both shown here (with links) are compatible with the epoxy container given above.

Application tips for epoxy Ejection Gun for epoxy

But you have to be careful! This stuff is the real-deal and it can also rip your skin right off. So WARNING: Do not get it on your skin!. If possible wear blue surgical gloves that you can throw away after. If you do get it on your skin, quickly rub and rinse it off before it hardens and drys.

This epoxy comes in a single package but with two tubes. The two tubes contain different resins that you squeeze out and mix evenly when you're ready to apply the adhesive.

You'll see that the "work-time" for these adhesives says something like 5 minutes (typically). This means you have 5 minutes to squeeze out both resins, mix them, and apply them to the surfaces you're joining, and join the two surfaces together, before the epoxy becomes useless.

Joining the Rubber Base Gasket to the Cylinder

Here are the steps for this first part.

  1. Using scissors cut out strips of the soft-rubber that you bought.

  2. Lay them out around the rim of the cylinder.

  3. Use the epoxy to weld it to the cylinder.

Holes for the Cylinder

You're going to need two holes for the cylinder.

  1. Drill 1 hole the same diameter as the outer diameter of the tube for the squeeze pump.

  2. Drill another hole about an 1/16th of an inch into the opposite side of the cylinder. Yes, this hole needs to be small enough so your thumb can cover and seal it easily.

Attaching the Tube and Squeeze Pump to the Cylinder

This part is pretty easy. Just apply the epoxy to the rim of the larger hole you drilled in the cylinder and the rim of the open end of the tube and join them together.

Make sure the end-result does not have any leaks and is completely sealed.

How to Use the Homemade Penis Pump Result

After all the parts have cured and joined together, you now have a homemade, useable air/water-based pump!

Here are the steps on how to use it.

  1. Fit your semi-erect to erect penis into the cylinder chamber.

  2. Fit the rubber and press it against your body.

  3. To increase pressure, squeeze the pump to push air out of the chamber.

  4. While doing the above step, make sure your finger isn't covering the small vent hole (the second hole you drilled).

  5. Just after the squeeze pump is fully compressed, quickly cover and seal the hole with your thumb.

  6. Let the squeeze pump inflate (thumb still covering the hole while you wait).

  7. Repeat the squeeze-thumb-vent procedure as many times until the pressure inside the cylinder is high enough.

  8. When done pumping, you have to keep your thumb over the vent hole for the whole duration you wear the pump.

Anything unclear? Just ask a question and I'll clarify in the comment section below!

If you think it might be a difficult to get some of these parts where you're from - you can always check out these reviews on Bathmate pumps.

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