Do Penis Pumps Work? How and Why Penis Pumps Work

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Updated on January 14, 2019

Do penis pumps work?

You're still skeptical on whether penis pumps actually work or not.

Here, I'm going to explain:

  • How do penis pumps work.

  • Why do penis pumps work.

  • Some size gain results.

How Do Penis Pumps Work?

Penis pumps work by creating a negative pressure in a chamber to generate a force that expands penis tissue outward.

The pressure is generated by "pumping" the pump, and each pump's kinetic energy is stored as potential energy in the vacuum chamber.

Diagram showing how pressure changes in a penis pump.
When water/air is pumped out of the chamber, an expansive pressure pulls on the penis tissue.

This potential energy creates a mechanical force which then exerts on the penis.

Penis Pump Effects on Penis Cells.

The body cells in the penis are expanded in two ways.

The first way is by expanding each individual cell size (hypertrophy).

Penis cells expanding in pump vacuum.
The negative pressure caused by penis pumps exert a force on each penis body cell.

As air is pumped out of the chamber, a void is created (vacuum).

That means all the "stuff" inside the chamber has to expand.

Diagram of smooth muscle tissues in penis.
Each penis cell is stretched in the pump.

The "stuff" is none other than the tens of thousands of penis cells.

As a result, your penis cells are trained to grow.

Diagram showing how a penis fills with blood causes it to expand.
Do penis pumps work? As you can see, the penis on the left has lots of blood flowing to it.

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Why Do Penis Pumps Work?

Here are the size results after using a penis pump.

Immediate Results

  • Up to 40% Increase in girth.

  • No significant length increases.

  • Harder erections.

  • All effects above will last between 1-3 hours.

Long-Term Results

  • Up to 25% Increase in girth.

  • No significant length increases.

  • Easier to get erections.

  • Results will return back to normal if pump use is not continued at least twice a week.

As you can see, there are only positive potential benefits to using a penis pump both in the short-term and long-term.

Do Penis Pumps Work? Before and After

What can you expect before and after using a penis pump?

Well there are short-term and long-term changes.

The short-term benefits of using a penis pump:

  • Your flaccid penis will "hang" lower.

  • Your flaccid penis will be thicker (girthier)

  • Your erections within the next few hours will be harder.

  • Your erections within the next few hours will be thicker.

The long-term benefits of using a penis pump:

  • Your flaccid penis will "hang" lower.

  • Your erections will be slightly thicker than if you did not use a penis pump regularly.

Do Penis Pumps Work? Conclusion

Do penis pumps work? Yes - Penis Pumps are still around after 30 years.

The price range for a penis pump is usually $150+ or more.

However, you can get some at a discount, directly from our Los Angeles warehouse here.

Or, if you're not sure yet, you can check out the best penis pumps.


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