Meeting Girls in College - How to Make These Years Count

Written by Mike Patel on June 7, 2016

Everything talked about in this blog article is based on personal experience and the experience that I gained from my friends and acquaintances while in college.

I went to UCLA.

Ok, let's get started.

Be honest with what you want: hot girls

Any young, healthy male who says they don't want a sexual encounter with a hot college chick is simply lying (or gay - not homophobic, just facts).

College is probably the last time in your life, after high school where you're going to be in close proximity with a good number of the opposite sex.

If you're determined to make them count, then ideally, you'll want to know these tips before you start college. However, if you're going to focus on your studies and career, that's perfectly understandable (and respectable) too, I don't want to knock you on that.

As long as you have a drive to achieve your goals, no one can argue with that. No one should be knocking at another man's hustle, regardless of what it is.

sexy college girls at a party taking a photo

Why status matters and how to get it in college

How the numbers work for and against you

When you enter college, ideally you want to aim for a university with a large population (at least 30,000 undergraduates).

There's a couple of reasons for this. The first is that you want the numbers to work in your favor. If 5% of the college girls are actually hot (and are the ones you're aiming for), you don't want to go to a school with a 100 girls - then only 5 of them will be hot.

If you go to a school with 15,000 girls and only 1% are hot, then, that's still 150 hot girls and it still works in your favor.

But there's also what seems like a disadvantage. If the student body is 30,000, then there's approximately 15,000 other horny guys you have to compete with. However, we will soon see how you can raise your status above the average and become one of the more attractive catches to compete for the hottest/cutest 5% of college girls. We'll see that it's not that hard to be above average.

What type of college should I go to?

Obviously you want to keep your options as open as possible, so I suggest you apply to all the colleges that you're interested in - that is, don't rule one out for x reason.

Only start to rule out colleges to apply to if your list is reaching about 10 or 12 schools. That's because it's harder to get in a quality application for the school if you have so many to do. Also keep track of how much time you have.

A good, thorough application should be done over the course of at least 8 months - a year would be better. This includes the time it takes to research the college's demographics, stats, as well as what departments it offers. Oh, and don't forget, social life.

Go to a school with a high number of students

This means a school with at least 30,000 undergrads. These are typically your flagship universities.

What to make sure you do to prepare before you start college.

Ideally, you already have these following things done before you even start. If not, get these done as soon possible, and set aside time in your schedule for them.


Very basic stuff. No good grades, no good test scores, less options for college. It's that simple. That's what you want: options. Doesn't make sense to focus all your effort on one school that you want to go to because of it's academics, or it's women, and you don't get into it and you're screwed.

Remember, it's not that hard to get good grades and good test scores. Anybody can do it, as long as they put in the work.

Just remember this quote:

"Hard work wins when talent doesn't want to work."

True in every aspect of life: women, money, career, status.

Get in shape. Low body fat and build some muscle - No need to become overly huge though.

Check out our "how to lose body fat guide". It also has the benefit of removing fat around the base of your penis so that it is physically larger and longer.

There's so many benefits to losing fat, which include:

  • Revealed facial features, more undeniably more attractive face.
  • Increased penis size - more shaft is physically exposed.
  • More energy in the day, which can contribute to charisma and your ability to interact with people.
  • College girls will universially be more attracted to you.
  • Even guys will be more attracted to you - homo or not, more male friends is always a plus. They can hook you up and you can network this way. Likewise, guys want to be associated with winners, not generic slobs.
  • Your confidence will skyrocket.

Learn how to dress edgy and classy even when on a budget.

I get it. You're a college student. You're broke. Mom and dad also aren't likely to buy you nice, edgy clothes with the reason of trying to hit on and sleep with college girls.

However, you should try to scrap up some cash, about $200 and invest in some nice jeans, and a few shirts (collared, henley, and even v-neck).

The idea is that you pick out really good pieces that will last you for a long time. You're definitely not going to have a monthly budget to buy clothes every month - not worth it.

If you dress like a broke college student, you're going to be perceived as a broke college student, especially with the girls.

The good news is that most college guys won't give their clothes a second thought, so it's extremely easy to set yourself apart from here. But you can easily go in the wrong direction. You don't want to dress like a fruit (and waste money doing so) - you want do dress with some edge.

Clear up your skin

Ok, you're going through or in the later stages of puberty. Acne and skin blemishes are present, and you need to get rid of it ASAP.

No, I don't recommend any products at the moment.

But the single-most important thing you can do to affect acne, blehmishes and red inflammation on your face is to get your diet in check.

Personally, I've never had real issues with pimples - my problems with pimples ended around age 17. However, I had a big problem with my skin turning red and getting really inflammed, and I had no clue why.

Not only was it painful, but it made my cheeks slightly puffy and simply unattractive.

So I cut out one food from my diet and it completely solved this issue.

The food I completely stopped eating was milk and dairy.

After experimenting for a week, literally only cutting out milk and cream, the redness disappeared.

How you cut out certain foods are also very important. You have to cut out only one food at a time to truly test if it's that food that's causing the problem for your skin.

See, if you cut out two different types of food, and you see an improvement, well, it could be either of those foods that were causing the problem - you won't know for sure.

This concept of making one variable change and observing the results is also known as A/B testing or split testing - it's an extremely useful tool in many aspects of life and self-improvement.

And make sure you cut it out for at least a week. Too short and you won't be able to safely conclude if that was the issue.

If the case is not diary try cutting out sugar and other simple carbs. Don't need to worry about complex carbs just yet, try out sugar and all types of sweets in this A/B test to see if that makes a difference.

How the College Pyramid Works

If you don't think that there's a social pyramid amongst the students at college, then you're sorely mistaken.

Think of this social heirachy as an "accessibility" structure, not so much a bullying one.

Those at the top of the pyramid have access to better connections (for careers), parties, get-togethers, and most importantly, the hottest chicks.

Who's at the top of the pyramid?

Hands down, the "coolest" students at the top of the pyramid are the student atheletes. Bonus points if it's a popular sport like football, or basketball.

How to increase your status when you arrive to college

So you're already looking good, you have basic style, but you're still at the bottom of the barrel (remember, you're 1 in 15,000). What do you do?

The single most-effective thing that you can do to increase your status on the college campus is to join a fraternity.

Now just for a second, hold on to any negative preconceptions that you have about frats. I know you may be thinking: "Why would I want to join a frat? I'm a free thinker! I can't be bogged down by a group like that."

Will penis size matter in college?

Really, to be honest, it depends. College girls are also experiementing with their bodies and sexuality too.

I do know from experience and from what my friends told me that, having above average penis size does get you verbal compliments and helps your "retenion rate" - the amount of times they keep coming back for more.

While PhalloGauge advocates that all men puruse at least a natural inch increase because it's completely possible, we're going to instead highly recommend you focus on some of the self-improvement things we mentioned above.

That's because these are the things you need to improve to even give yourself a fighting chance at a shot at the bedroom.

You could have the biggest penis in the world, but if your skin is messed up, you don't groom, you dress like a bum, and are just another broke college student - well, you're not going to get very far.

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