How to Understand Girls Without Overthinking It

Written by Jeff Ferrara on September 10, 2016

a mysterious sexy woman that is hard to understand

The more you go through life, the more you learn about women.

However, if you're still working to have more success with women, this article will fast-forward your knowledge on how to understand girls and women with more ease.

These are world truths, and will apply to women across the world (mostly in 1st world countries in the 21st century) for a long-time to come.

Let's get right into it and set you light years ahead of your male counterpart competition.

The typical lifestyle of a modern female.

If you can understand the typical factors that makes up girls' lifestyles, you'll be able to understand them completely.

Their professional careers.

Most females are not as ambitious as most men when it comes to status, power and money.

If they are, it is mostly related to social status - friends, followers, connections.

This is a deep factor to consider and is exactly how you understand girls and all their motivations.

Hence our next point: social media.

Social media addicted.

Most women are addicted to social media.

For example, on the social media platform Pinterest, the user-base makes up over 65% of the users.

Slave to appearance.

Women, more then men are wholeheartedly obsessed about appearance.

Why do you think the makeup industry spends billions of dollars of advertising?

It's the whole 9 yards.

Dresses, clothing, makeup, skin care, hair care, salons, nails, etc.

Even the fat ones will wear makeup thinking that it will make them look better. This is not misogynistic, but generally true and further illustrates what women are thinking.

They desire to look young even when they get past 40.

judge Jeanine

Judge Jeanine still has her show on Fox and still looks better than ever ...and she's 65.

How can you make this fact work for you?

Simply compliment them on something, anything when you regardless when you meet up for a 3rd date or a cold approach.

Married men can also fix a lot of their marital issues from this fact as well - hint, compliment your wife more often!

In short, there's not that much going for them.

Once you understand this, women won't appear as scary, and you'll be able to approach them with more confidence.

Especially if you are ranking high in your own male masculinity through money, status, or power - even more you should not be afraid of women.

In fact, if this is the case, it will become effortless on your part and they will chase after you instead.

Sexual Availability - Something you will never be able to control.

a sexy babe that is up for seduction

Sex. That's a big thing that's on every guy's mind.

And it's also the white elephant in the room in every male-female encounter.

When it comes to sex, there's only one thing you have to understand with girls and women.

It's sexual availability.

What is sexual availability?

Sexual availability is exactly what it sounds like. It determine's whether a girl is DTF or not.

Why can't I control it?

You can't control it because a girl's sexual availability is dependent on the state of their life at that point in time.

One example is if she's out at a bar with two of her friends, and her personality is one to not leave her girlfriends behind, she'll be less likely to ditch them to spend the night with you.

Or she may be extremely stressed at work or with relationships, so she'll also have low sexual availability.

Another basic example is if she's on her period, then she'll be less likely to have sex with you.

The good news about sexual availabiity.

The good news about sexual availabiity is that it will always open up and become available if it previously wasn't.

In other's a girl's sexual availabity will never be zero.

That means there are opportunities that you have to wait for (not that long, at most a week), and you just have to take advantage of them when they open up!

The good thing too is that you don't have to create so much effort to open up a girl's sexual availability, especially if you have money-status-power or a combination of the above.

It's just like waiting for a timer to go off on a mobile game, and then you can cash in - with sex of course.

Of course, you can try to accelerate the paywall by setting up a date or doing something nice/cool/romatic for her, which may increase your chances.

But don't overdo it (dates 7 days a week) - this is somewhat beta behavior and may actuall work against you because she will view your masuclinity as lower in her eyes.

In Conclusion

Unless you're dealing with supermodels or actresses, the typical woman is not something hard to understand.

We just covered what a typical woman's lifestyle is like and by understanding these things, you now have the confidence to not be scared by any secrets women are hiding.

They're all like this.

Also, we've discussed sexual availability and it essentially helps you to come to terms with how women approach sex.

If it is inconvenient for them, then they simply won't have it. It's not your fault, but rather, you can just try to make the situation better by creating less resistance to the bedroom, or simply wait for a more opportune time.

In the meantime, you should be trying to improve yourself so that women work to approach you - not the other way around.

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