How to Tell if a Girl Likes You - The Easy, Instant Signals

Written by Jeff Ferrara on June 18, 2016

girl that lusts for you

Two cases: You're acquainted with her, or you've never offically met each other.

These two cases are pretty important because the signals that you need to look for are fairly different.

If you've never met her before...

Some examples of interacting with girls you've never met before, who might be interested in you.

Here are simple common examples to show what we're talking about:

  • If you bump into a girl at the grocery store.
  • Waiting in line and you and her are right next to each other.
  • Online dating, when she comes across your profile.

These are just a few of many more best places to meet women.

Basically, you have only about 10-30 seconds to try and detect if the girl is interested in you. That's the reality of it.

What not to look for

We have to eliminate all sorts of wrong expectation to have when bumping into girls at university, on the street, or at school.

99.999% of the time, they're not going to initiate a conversation.

Once you get this through your head, you're going to have so much more success with meeting women in general.

Whether it's due to some historic chivalrous culture or the natural submissivness of male vs. female, this is a world truth.

Obviously there are exceptions. Capitalize on them. The point is don't count on these rare exceptions to happen and base your whole social and dating career around them - you'll be 60 years old before you get a date.

What to look for instead.

Ok, we know not to look for girls that approach you to determine if they like you. If they approached you, then obviously they like you.

So what should you look for 99.99% of the time?

The answer is: body language.

Once you understand body language, you reveal a whole new world of how people act, think, and respond.

It's like reading a book to the secrets of the world - except it's written in (insert foreign language here).

How to Read Body Language

Does she look at you? How often?

Try to catch her looking at you. Make eye contact wih her. Try to get her embarassed.

Does she smile at you?

This is not going to be a very clear obvious smile.

The goal is to look for a "natural smile". First understand the difference between a "natural smile" and a "fake smile".

Here's how to tell the difference. A fake smile only has the lips moving to form the illusion of a smile. However, it's missing one important element that a "natural smile" has. A natural smile also has the relaxation of the face muscles.

Therefore, you can tell a fake smile when the lips form the typical smile shape, but the facial muscles on the upper cheeks and around the eyes still stay tense or don't change.

Therefore, look at her eyes and muscles around her eyes to see if she's making a "natural smile" at you. If yes, dead giveaway she's interested in you and you should approach her.

At that point, you can apply these points on how to talk to girls.

How to bait her into smiling at you (fishing for the natural smile).

You can get her to "natural smile" at you by simply making a natural smile yourself and making eye contact with her. That second part is equally as important as the first because it makes no sense to just smile and not communicate that she's the reason you're smiling.

However, making a "natural smile" yourself is not something that I can just tell you to do and you'll be able to instantly do it on command. It actually takes a lot of practice to accomplish this.

To practice it, get a small mirror and put it by your bedside or computer. Every so often look at yourself in the mirror and try to form the smile. Remember, relax the facial muscles, but pull the corners of the lips upward.

Making eye contact with yourself is important because it will give you real life practice of looking into the eyes of a real person.

The next part is to try this in the real world. Ideally, you want to go to a place that's you're not a regular at and just practice smiling at people when you're interacting with them. This doesn't have to be just women, it can be anybody who's a cashier, or police officer, or bus driver.

The idea is that it's a completely natural, completely positive, human interaction - something that we sort of lost in the onslaught of cell phones and technology.

Don't even try this technique on women you want to date yet. Too much pressure will set you up for failure because you'll simply give up if you don't see results - this is a long term solution that works.

Overall, you'll also be a happier person - so forget about women for a second, you'll simply embody what true happiness is in life.

Reading body language goes both ways.

Just as you're looking at the girl sitting across from you, she's looking at you. How much time she spends, well that depends on what she suspects or feels about you.

While she may have not read this guide and know the secret features to look out for, humans naturally have the innate ability to read body language from each other.

This shouldn't suprise you, humans needed a way to communicate before we invented verbal language. This goes back to the caveman days. Body language was the primary means of communication. However, with the advent of language, we may have been desensitized to body language, but we can still train ourselves to something that is completely natural to us from an evolution standpoint. It's not completely lost.

To some practical extent, you can control both factors of the body language commuication.

Just as you can control your ability to read her body language, you can also control the body language that you're emitting that she will be subconsciously be reading. Any signals she receives from you will reciprocate and become apparent in her body language.

It's two way - that's the nature of human interaction.

How to control your body language in your favor

It's a little known secret that women can detect confidence and is key to your success with them.

Pure, uncut confidence is the key to mastering your body language. It's ironic that a mental state like confidence has so much influence on something physical like body language.

Realizing that confidence is the first step to body language and a whole range of dating related factors, you'll now know exactly what you should be striving for to have success in the women domain.

Pure confidence is also something not easily attained - something you accumulate over the long term, but there are three powerful, but unconventional key sources of confidence that every guy can use.

Besides the unconventional, these are the absolute sources of confidence that you need to snag for yourself - no exceptions, no shortcuts:

  • Low body-fat, sub 15%.
  • Medium muscle mass, not bulky body type.
  • Clear, healthy skin. Both on face and your body.
  • High net worth, ideally through multiple sources of income.
  • A career or position of power that you are proud of.
  • Being legitimately good at a hobby that you (not her) enjoys.
  • Dressing at least above the average male.

If we get enough comments from you guys asking which of the above you'd like us to elaborate on, we'll gladly do so.

You cannot avoid it - these are all factors that affect your mental state. It's much easier to flirt with women, let alone look them in the eye and smile, when you're well-dressed, smell good, and have $ in the bank - not when you're a bum with old t-shirts with holes in them and you haven't groomed or showered in days.

How to tell if a girl you know likes you.

This is actually really easy, believe it or not.

If you can get good at telling if a girl likes you that you don't know, then telling if she likes you and you've met her before is even easier.

Again, you can apply all the same techniques regarding "natural smiling" and body language detection above. They're completely applicable and a skill you'll want to eventually master. Extremely useful for not just dating but also life and interaction with all people. Tons of applications.

The Complete List of Signals to Look Out For To See If a Girl You Know Likes You

  • Quickly looks away, everytime you look at her. At least 3 times in a good 10 minutes.
  • Adjusts her hair when she's around you.
  • Excessive use of emojis and smileys when texting you.
  • Always asks you how you're doing - comparitively more than other people. So you need to also observe how often she interacts with other people to eliminate the possibility that she's just a social butterfly.
  • Will go out of her way to interact with you. If she's working/studying she'll make the effort to say hi. Big difference. Takes practice and awareness to detect.
  • When you're talking to her, she'll get slightly nervous. Detect this in her voice or body language.

In conclusion

Trying to detect if a girl likes you can be first divided into two groups: girls you've met and girls you haven't.

The secret to tell if a girl likes you is by identifying her body language. Body language is something that have been a part of humans for thousands of years, even before language was invented. In fact, it was the primary form of communication back then.

Identifying body language means using your eyes to observe her so you need to not be embarassed to look at people. Eye contact is especially crucial.

Embrace the natural smile and try to see if she makes one when you look at her. Make a natural smile yourself to try and get her to smile back at you. If it happens, she likes you. You can the proceed to build the relationship.

Body language is affected by your internal confidence which is fueled by things some would think "shallow" like low body fat, medium muscle mass, healthy and clear skin, high net worth, good careers, being good and talented at something, and dressing above average.

There are no shortcuts to gaining natural, pure confidence. It's a life endeavor that you need to get off your ass and work on staring today.

For girls that you've already met and know, the same body language signals and cues apply, with also more hints that make it easier to tell.

Ultimately, this guide will help you immensely, especially if you're trying to meet girls after college, because let's face it - there are simply less opportunities now.

Once you've got the girl's phone number, you'll want to take it to the next level with our no-BS, straight-to-the-point tips for dating.

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