How to Seduce Women - An Actionable Guide

Written by Jeff Ferrara on November 26, 2016

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You must absolutely understand this law before you even start going after women:

The Law of Women Dating/Sleeping Up

The 1-10 Scale's meaning truly revealed.

Ok. The 1-10 Scale. Traditionally it means scoring one's looks where 1 is worst and 10 is hottest/cutest/etc.

While you can use it to specifically grade faces and bodies, we're just going to simplify it to the "overall looks" score.

This scale can be applied to both men and women.

Obviously scores are going to have some variance across people, as there is a certain subjectivity to looks - people have preferences.

But overall, these scores are pretty accurate in getting in the right ballpark, 99% of the time.

Looks are a currency. They have real value.

Women sleep/date up.


This couldn't be truer when it comes to carnal and sexual encounters.

In dating, there is some leeway as a man's money can compensate for less than average looks.

But in reality, most guys don't even have enough money for this to start becoming a factor.

Once you talk about a net worth of at least $500,000, then money can positively affect your chances.

But we're going to ignore $ for now to simplify things.

The rule:

Women will give a chance to a man that is greater or equal to their looks on the 1-10 scale.

That's why you can't get the hot model or the cutest girl in college.

Granted, once you start getting to the elite tiers of women, other factors that work against you start to be heavily involved.

For example, a Hollywood starlet, won't be caught dead with a non-celebrity, even if he is a 9 with no status.

(But if you're a guy whose a 9 or 10, you can get status by becoming a model in Hollywood).

It directly affects your success percentage.

So how does this rule affect you?

It only affects your success rate.

Here are some example numbers.

Say you're a 5.

If a woman is a 7, you have a 0.001% chance of seducing her.

If she's a 6, you have a 0.1% chance of seducing her.

If she's a 5, you have a 1-5% chance of seducing her (pending your skill).

If she's a 4, you have a 10-25% chance of seducing her.

If she's a 3, you have a 25-50% chance of seducing her.

If she's even lower, you practically got her in the bag.

The converse is true: if she's a 8, 9, or 10, you practically have a 0% chance.

Hard truths, but the earlier you accept this, the faster you can move forward and change your situation (if it's not in your favor).

It's not the end of the world, though.

The simple solution?

Boost your looks score.

Every guy has the potential to boost their looks by at least 2 points.

If you're a 5, you can become a 7 with effort and work on your style, skin, face, and body.

Once you get your looks down, you can boost your effective score by 1 or 2 more points with status, money, or power.

The Grand Equation

Here it is. The factors for your "ultimate/final" score.

Improve all factors, and you will maximize your potential to seduce women.


However, the easiest and fastest factor to improve is looks.

Understanding Sexual Availability.

What is Sexual Availability?

Sexual availability is how open a girl is to sex.

It means your chances to have sex are determined by how open and willing she is going to be to let you in her pants.

Sexual availability can be fixed or dynamic.

It can also be dependent on the time of the year or the environement around her.

If she's having trouble finding a job - sexual availability goes down.

If she's home for Christmas, sexual availability goes down.

If she doesn't need to work - sexual availability goes up.

I'm sure you can think of a bunch of other scenarios, but the biggest thing to understand is: Don't assume you know exactly what her sexual availability is.

Just understand that there is this force, that is most often invisible, that is ultimately determining whether you get in bed with her or not.

You're not actualy cashing in on the sex - it cashes in on you.

Here's the good news: The sex will cash in on you.

Let's say you put in all this effort to woo, wine, and dine a woman.

Even in the event that she does not immediately sleep with you after dinner (unlikely, though if your game is decent to good).

The "seed" is planted.

Eventually that reciprocity will come back and she will have sex with you, maybe a day later or a few days later.

This phenomenon explains the "unexpected" late night calls asking you to come over.

That's the sex that's cashing in on you.

The reason that sometimes she does not immediately put out, is because of sexual availability.

Be it trouble at home or with her girlfriends - there are many possible reasons.

The point is to not worry if your seductive techniques are indisputably good, she will come around eventually.

You can either complain that she's not on your schedule or you can simply wait it out a few hours or days and redeem your earnings then.

Most guys, including myself won't mind if there's a delay due to sexual availability.

Prep Work

Logistics are 80% of the prep work.

Do you have to travel 1 hour from the meetup location to your bedroom?

No good.

This is just an example of how logistics can kill success rates.

Notice that these have nothing to do with looks, style, etc, but rather purely managerial-like tasks.

Logistic optimizations are anything that you can do to improve speed and flow of the night, i.e. no waiting around.

This is a big thing in creating a "world" that will wow her.

Not only that, but it will set you light years apart from the average guy, and she won't really know why. Well, this is one reason why.

You're like an artist who can wow people with their work, but they don't exactly know why, but they can feel it.

Same exact concept here.

Here is a list of logistic factors that you should aim to optimize:

  • Minimize travel time from bar/restaurant to your bedroom. Aim for at least under 15 minutes.

  • Cash on hand. Have at 5-10 ones, fives, tens, and twenties. Also have at least $200 on hand. Helps pay for things to not break flow of the evening/day. No need to fiddle with credit cards. Also round up, don't pay exact change. Tell them to keep the change all for the same reasons.

  • Is parking going to be a killer? Scout this ahead of time. Consider paying for valet.

  • VIP access? If you can avoid a line through connections or hacks, definitely use them to make the evening flow smoothly.

Dressing to impress.

Cold approach time and locations.

If you're living in LA, don't expect much action settings past LA. If you're in NY, you have more late night options.




Going Live

How to do a Cold approaches.

First apply the "Law of Dating Up". Use this to scout out potential candidates to seduce.

Seducing someone you already know.

These endeavors have their own type of reward. For some, it means altering a relationship with a girl that was originally platonic, to something more passionate and sexual. These can be fun because it's essentially "converting" a girl and persauding her to become your sexual partner. A fun challenge.

Being interesting.

Would you sleep with you?

If the answer is not a definite yes, how can you expect her to say yes?

Myth: You don't have to talk a lot to be interesting.

What matters is your value : word count ratio.

If this ratio is high, you're interesting, if not, you're not. It's as simple as that.

Consider these scenarios:

You only say one sentence every once in a while, but it's always about some insight into your multimillion dollar projects = super interesting.

Or, you're talking more than she does about your job as a grocery cashier - well, much less so.

Now, granted that these two examples are both extremes, but you get the idea.

You can either cut out the filler or gain more interesting experiences to talk about.

Cutting out filler also leaves a her with a little mystery that naturally makes you more interesting.

Of course, you don't want to be a damn mute the whole time, but picking your words wisely, opting for the most interesting things will go a long way.

Managing women and girls.

This is also known as "managing girls". Sure, once I say that, I immediately get the pimp-like overtones associated with such a statement, but there is some useful actionable advice here. Here are a couple notes you need to keep on the women in your life.

Red Flags

If you don't do any other type of women management, just do this one: Keeping an eye out for red flags.

At some point you have to draw a line and say no deal, if she's not worth the effort.

While every guy tolerates different BS, we'll give you the list and modify your standards as it pertains to you:

  • She gets worked up really quickly and often over small things.

  • She spends money irresponsibly (not applicable to the rich guys).

  • She's dirty, or she has a dirty place.

  • She shows signs of depression.

  • She's insecure.

  • She shows signs of self-inflicted pain.

Aagin, at the very least, identify these flags if they happen, see how it works out and take action if you need to.

Taking action also includes ditching her - you have a right to this in a relationship too.

If you want to work it out with her, that's noble. Just consider the practically of it and set a time span of how long you're willing to work on these problems with her.

Also identify timelines on how long you're willing to tolerate certain shit if it is not immediately a dealbreaker.

Identifying what she's looking for.

Figure this out, but don't tell her.

What does she like?

This mangerial technique is more for retention, but try to figure out and note the things that she likes. By doing these things, you can keep her "hooked" to you and use her as a steady supply of sex.


Retention Definied.

What does it mean to "retain" a woman?

It means that she is willing to keep coming back to your for sex.

Active and passive retention.

In Conclusion

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