How to Meet Girls After College - Practical, Actionable Advice

Written by Jeff Ferrara on June 9, 2016

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First, build your profile.

This is the most important thing. If you put yourself out there but you don't have your life straightened out, how can you expect any reasonable woman to give you a fair shot?

Answer is, you can't. So you'll effectively be wasting your time trying to meet women. We here at PhalloGauge are all about efficiency and results. If you're not doing both, we have to fix that.

What does it mean to build your profile? Specifically we're talking about your real profile, and not so much your online one (you're online one will matter too, as we will see).

This means:

  • Getting to at least 15% body fat or lower.
  • Learning basic fashion without looking like a fag. Goal is edginess and cool factor.
  • Building your career or net worth.
  • Building your social skills to a reasonable degree - not the most important, it's last on our list.

The reason we put 'building your social skills' last is because if you build the three on the list above it, these traits will work for you automatically, and you won't have to put as much effort into being overly social and interesting.

I know I like things that work for me without me putting effort into them - I'm sure you do too.

Be honest with your profile.

First you have to take a hard look in the mirror.

You need to be introspective and honestly rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 on the bullet points above.

Also add in a score for your natural looks. Are you a naturally a 6? A 7? Are you below average at at a 4?

Do not be discouraged by these numbers, especially the natural looks. The combination of getting below 15% body fat and learning basic men's fashion will allow any guy to be a minimum 7 - two points above average (5).

Reducing body fat will reveal your facial features and make it more defined. Your cheekbones will show, and you'll simply look more attractive. Basic men's fashion gives you some personality and girls will be attracted towards a well-dressed man 100% of the time over an average or poorly dressed one.

Online Dating works wonders

But You absolutely have to make sure your pictures are top-notch.

Here are the black and white do's and don'ts. Very straightforward and will save you lots of time wasted and frustration.


  • Don't post less than 2 pictures.
  • Do not make all photos of your face.
  • Never have a blurry photo. Not even one.
  • Don't leave your description blank. Aim for 25 words.


  • Post at least 4 pictures.
  • Make at least one photo a full body shot.
  • Make at least 2 photos of yourself doing something fun. If you don't do fun things, pretend you are to get the shot.
  • Soften the photo with Photoshop and do minor basic tweaks if you know how to.
  • Try to have at least one silly photo to show you have a sense of humor

Check out more steps to take in online dating in our non-mainstream guide on how to use Tinder.

You can't photoshop expecting to hide things.

Generally, only photoshop if it's small changes that can be easily fixed in a short period of time.

This includes blemishes, pimples, or anything skin-related. Filters are fine.

However, once you start doing the heavy/extreme photoshops (making your face look less fat, making your body look less fat), then you're setting yourself up for failure.

The reason is that while you may think the result is good, in actuality, it can easy be determined by her that the photo doesn't look that great and was tampered with.

Another reason is when you look different in the photos compared to real-life, everyone becomes frustrated because the expectations were not met.

So just don't do heavy photoshops. The best photoshop is real body sculpting through exercise and diet, but most importantly - discipline.

How to filter out the "traps" in online dating

These are the pitfalls to avoid when looking at photos during online dating.

The worst case is when you check out a girl's photos, think you're into her, meet up with her, and she looks extremely disappointing compared to her online photos.

It's pretty shitty, and if you're like me and you have common decency, you don't want to make her feel like crap. Not only that, it's frustrating. Oh and there might be some anger too.

One rule to follow is to make sure she has at least one "full-body" photo on her profile. If not, try to get her to send you one.

Girls always date up.

This is a very-real world truth.

In the past decade, we have seen feminism rise dramatically. It's not surprising, women drive the majority of the traffic on social media sites and have given them a platform to thrive on.

Now you can either fight this reality or work with it. If you're like me and want to get what you want, you do everything in your power to make a situation work for you.

When girls date online, they're pickier.

Who wouldn't be? When you got a buffet of guys to choose from, all you have to do is "swipe left" and move on to the next potential pick. Every girl will do this. The 1's all the way to the 10's (Well, the 1's will probaby more lenient, especially if they know they are 1's).

They're also more cautious online. If you have shady or blurry photos, a red flag goes off and you've got 0 chance. That's why transparency in online dating (clear photos, shots of you doing different things) is crucial.

Offline dating - a.k.a. meeting girls in the real world

If you know your profile is not that good and could definitely be better, we highly suggest you don't focus that much time on offline dating.

The simple reason is that the return on investment - in this case - your time, is highly inefficient.

2 Types of Offline Dating: Going out of your way vs. Not going out of your way

Going out of your way means setting aside time to physically meeet and hit on girls.

Not going out of your way simply means you go about your day but flirt with any women that you happen to see throughout the day.

We highly recommend the later (not going out of your way). Now this seems counter-intuitive, but it only is if you're not building your profile.

See, when you build your profile, you're actively building a framework for a dating system that works for you, while you're not trying to hit on women.

It's the same like building a business - the business is nothing but a money-making machine that generates money for you while you sleep. You're not trading time for money, and in the case of your profile, you're trading less time for women.

Where to meet girls offline

First, analyze your lifestyle. Does your workplace have lots of women? Do you work in a building that has lots of girls that may not necessarily work with you?

Is your workplace near social place like a mall or bar strip, or even the beach? Do you live in a big city like LA (good), or out in the suburbs or country (not as good)?

The goal is to identify points of interest in close proximity that you can leverage to increase your exposure rate to women.

Remember, the college campus forced you to be in close proximity to girls - now you have to put in careful thought on how to increase the chances in your favor.

Ideas on where to meet girls

First you need to consider your situation on the macro (larger) level.

If you live in a major city well, there's practically tons of girls and women within miles of you. However, if you live on a farm, the only girl that you do may be about 10 miles away on the next farm over.

Obviously, these are two extremes, but if you live in a major city like New York or LA, then you're actually fine. But for those guys that live in the suburbs or a small town, you may want to deeply consider moving to a big city even if it means finding a new job. Again, it's a tough choice, but you really need to start building your life from a 360 perspective. It's not just women, it's also career and money considerations too.

Now that you've moved to the city, consider the micro (smaller) level. The micro level is effectively 5 miles within your vicinity. Going past that, you're going to start investing more time and effort trying to make dates happen. Debate with yourself if she's worth it. If she's a 8 and up - probably. If not, well, play the numbers game, a 7 that lives right next to you may be a way better option.

Here is a list of places to consider on the micro level. You'll have to go out of your way to be at some of these places simply because they may not be interesting.

  • Mall/Shopping Complex
  • Main streets, usually with restaurants
  • Beaches
  • Parks
  • Office Buildings - with multiple companies renting it out.
  • Bars (See our how to meet and take home women at bars guide)
  • Gym classes - tons of good-looking women go to yoga or pilates classes. At the very least get a gym membership. Equinox is a good choice - generally good looking people here.

Obviously these all depends on the quality of your city and neighborhood. A ghetto park is obviously less desirable than say NYC Central Park. LA Rodeo Drive is obviously better than your local Wal-Mart. If you don't have these popular attractions, definitely re-evaluate your macro level location status. It may actually not be that great. Time to move.

Rodeo drive shopping mall shot

Rodeo Drive shopping district is not only a visually nice place to be, but also a great hot spot for social activity.

Re-rank this list of places in terms of ease of access (how much time and effort it takes to go there), as well as how enjoyable that place is. Obviously, some prefer the beach over the mall, so rank the beach higher.

The goal of meeting girls offline

There only one goal that you should have to meeting girls offline. That goal is to get their phone number.

This is so important. I can stress it enough.

It does you no good to spend a few minutes talking to a girl who most likely will never see ever again, and you have no way of contacting her.

It's highly unlikely that she will ask for your number - it's the man's job. Yes, some things in the feminist golden age still hold true.

In Conclusion

So there you have it. A guide on how to meet girls after college.

The biggest revelation you should get from this guide is that most of the work you'll be doing is not so much actively searching out girls, but rather, building yourself up to such a high status that they reach out to you and are attracted to you instead.

That's so powerful and efficient. The ability to attract girls is something most guys only dream of, but with careful actionable steps, anyone can reach it.

To emphasize, these steps involve improving your looks through basic style and losing body fat. It also involves gaining cash, influence, career, and power, which we will write more guides on in the future if we get enough comments on this article down below showing that you guys want this advice.

When trying to meet women after college, you need to honestly assess weather your location demographics are great or crappy. Then you need to make a decision (and for some it will be tough) on weather to move or not. We highly recommend moving to the city more women and career opportunities - no question.

Then you have to take it to the micro level. Analyze what nearby locales are both practical for your time and effort as well as the availability of women there.

Online dating serves to work towards your dating efforts when you're working on your body, mind, and career. So get that online profile up and running. Even if it's not perfect, something is better than nothing and always look to improve it periodically.

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