How to Look Handsome - A Evergreen Guide for Men for All Time

Written by Jeff Ferrara on September 12, 2016


It makes a huge difference - but largely goes unnoticed when done well.

Good skin is something a lot of men take for granted.

After all, men typically do not even think about skin care as it is normally considered a women's issue.

However, if you're looking to take your handsomeness to the next level, good skin is not an option - it's a requirement.

The most time-efficent things you can do to improve your skin.


Just buy a scrub like this and use it every 2-3 days. It gets the dead skin cells and other crap off your face so, your skin appears visually smoother.

a facial scrub for men.

Billy Jealousy Liquid Sand Facial Scrub

Use it in the shower and save the most time by integrating it as a part of your routine.

Moisturizers can help for those with dry skin - look for the ones without alcohol if you're particularly sensitive to them (burning) - but focus on the actual cleaning of the skin.

Moisturizer won't make the most difference, but serves what it was designed to do - treat dry skin.

Eat clean

Find out if you're susceptible to rashes and inflamation due to milk or sugar.

The best way to find out is to cut these foods - or any food you suspect might cause skin reactions - out of your diet for a week.

Only cut out one food at a time, so you know exactly what caused any negative (or less than ideal) skin reactions after the week is done.


There was one point in my life where I absolutely did zero exercise - mostly due to my busy schedule.

As a result, my skin started to "cake-up" and my pores tended to be clogged more often.

One day, I went jogging and sweat super hard.

The result? After I took a shower, I literally felt like a new man.

That's not surprising, the liquid from sweat pushes toxins and cellular waste accumulating and hiding just below the skin, out of the body.

Saunas can work to, don't over do them thought, moderation is something to exercise for these artificial sweat methods.

Your face type and accommodating it

Use facial hair to "balance" out your face.

It's no secret that some guys look better with facial hair some don't.

For example, if you have a young looking face or a baby face, a moustache doesn't really go well with you face because it clashes.

This is especially true if your hair is thick and coarse.

However, if you have a larger nose or forehead, you may consider growing a beard to "balance" out your face by drawing less attention to those larger features - hence the "balancing" of the facial features.

Want a secret?

That's why women wear makeup, specifically, eye shadow - to draw out their eyes and make it look larger. It manipulates the visual balance in the face so that we focus on a facial feature that is universally attractive - the eyes.

The balancing also applies to hairstyles.

A very basic example: if you have prominent facial features (nose, mouth, eyes), we highly suggest you don't go for a short haircut or a bald look.

That's because someone looking at you will notice your prominent facial features and draw their attention to them.

Long hairstyles don't go well with people with young faces - it creates a sense of discord that makes them look older than their face portrays them to be.

We want aesthetically pleasing (handsome) by making your face relaxing, comfortable to look at.

Looking handsome is about balance and striving towards an "ideal" type (if it exists) or a aesthetically pleasing type (which is more practical and what we're trying to strive for).

Aesthetically pleasing faces are those that are balanced. We will delve deeper into how body fat affects your facial features.

Since there are an infinite combinations, you'll have to see what works for you, but use the balancing method as your guiding light and goal to strive for.

Hats apply to the balancing principle as well.

Hats follow the same balancing principle above.

A hat simply doesn't look good on a person with larger ears. Since the hat hides the hair, the ears tend to show up and a person looking at you will be drawn to focus on your ears - taking away the attention from your face and throwing off the visual balance.

Again, if you're using your hairstyle to balance out your face, it doesn't make sense to hide it with a hat.

Facial hair generally tends to go well with hats because they balance out what hair is already hidden on the top of your head.

Muscle tone, body fat, and weight-to-height ratio.

The ideal muscle tone and body fat for looking handsome.

Hands down, the ideal body type in women and girl's eyes is moderate muscle - not massive bodybuilder like - and low body fat (ideally sub 12% body fat).

This gives you the "handsome, model appearance".

Why? It shows the bony, detailed facial features and prevents "fat face" which is simply unattractive.

This look is universally handsome and since every guy can lose facial fat, every guy has the potential to look 2 to 3 times better than they do with 20%+ body fat.

a before and after of losing body fat to look handsome

Managing your muscle tone, body fat, and weight-to-height ratio, in other words, overall fitness is the factors that will have the most effect on how handsome you appear.

Because managing these things are so powerful, it's only natural that they're the hardest to achieve and the longest to go from zero to hero at.

We're going to give you the 80-20 on this (80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts) - so you don't waste time and you get the most results in the fastest time.

Muscle tone.

Basically, go to the gym and get about 20g of protein each day.

That's basically it.

Now into some specifics.

The biggest mistake that most guys make is that they don't train every single muscle group - so learn all the exercises, or at least one for each muscle.

The fastest way is to learn the big 4 (squat, bench press, dead lift, power clean) - these exercises cover multiple muscle groups per repetition, super time efficient.

In fact, you could just do these exercises and nothing else and get huge results fast.

We don't recommed more than 30 minutes of cardio per session - cardio also burns muscle. 15 minutes of low-intensity cardio is good enough for looking handsome (but not if you want to run a marathon).

Body fat.

Hillary Duff before and after body fat

Even females can benefit in looks from lower body fat percentages (Hillary Duff).

Body fat is purely diet breakdown (carbs vs. fats vs. protein) and net caloric intake.

Net caloric intake needs to be negative - more calorie's spent than taken in each day to lose fat.

In fact, if you just ate a low-fat, moderate carb, high protein diet, without

To test this, I ate Five Guys for dinner (double cheeseburger, no fries) every day for 3 months. I would eat a small balanced lunch meal.

I calculated the calories and they were less than the amount I was spending each day.

I didn't do any exercise - only this diet.

The result?

My total weight went down, but my body fat percentage went up by 5%.

This proves that this method works and shows how diet and exercise affect your body composition and how fat you look.

Penis Size - Sealing up the complete package

You're working on all these different factors (remember no shortcuts) to improve how handsome you look.

But why are you really doing it?

Well, I know I was doing it to increase my chances in the bedroom.

So there's a final issue that you have to address that will come up eventually - your penis size.

It's no secret that women prefer a larger penis. While you can make up for size with skill, given that it's so easy to increase your size naturally, you're better off doing this than training your sex technique day and night like a male porn star.

Your penis is literally what defines you as a man.

a large penis showing through a mans pants

It's been clinically proven that the principles of stretching, hyperplasia, and traction contribute to permanent size. Oh at the results are statistically significant.

If you're looking for a tool that automatically does the penis training for you, you might be interested in our tool - many other guys are already using it and getting ahead of their male competition.

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