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Dating Guides

How to Seduce Women - An Actionable Guide

It's every guys' dream to be a ladies man. Here we give you the exact steps to follow to teach you how to seduce women.

Exposing Anxiety Symptoms in Men and How to Quash Them

Anxiety in men is something that doesn't come up much because we're expected to be "manly". However, it's a very real problem - here's how to identify the signs and suppress them and get on with your life.

How to Be Cool - A No-BS, Practical Guide for All Time

There's plenty of poor, no-detail advice on how to be cool. Instead, actionable methods that can be applied for the modern era, based on what has indisputably worked for the majority of men.

How to Increase Self-Esteem in a Relationship

Relationships are challenging. We get it. However, self-esteem is a key factor in how you handle and manage the relationship. Here, we guide you on how to increase your self-esteem in a relationship.

How to Get Out of the Friend Zone and Make Her Chase You Instead

After months of catering to her, you end up nowhere in a sea of frustration. Now you're looking for change on how to get out of the friend zone. Here's how to do it.

How to Tell a Girl You Like Her Without Messing It Up

Telling a girl you like her is one of the most stressful, but crucial steps to get a relationship to go anywhere. Here, we awaken you on how to do it, and completely change your outlook on this task.

How to Look Handsome - A Evergreen Guide for Men for All Time

In this guide, we give the true-for-all-time methods on how to look handsome. In it, we cover skin, posture, face type, body fat, muscle tone, style, and a special surprise element that all men can apply.

How to Understand Girls Without Overthinking It

Understanding women is something that doesn't come easily, but here, we present the key things to look out for that make everything they do a dead giveaway.

How to Manage Friends with Benefits

Friends with Benefits is the go to method for a steady supply of sex. However, most guys fail to manage them properly. Learn the pitfalls and tips to being successful with friends with benefits (FWB).

Non-Mainstream Guide on How to Get Dates on Tinder More Efficiently

This guide teaches you how to get more dates on Tinder that end with "lays".

Meeting Girls in College - How to Make These Years Count

It's every guy's dream to hook-up with a bunch of hot/cute college girls. Learn the little-known steps to set up a successful college sex life with hot girls.

How to Tell if a Girl Likes You - The Easy, Instant Signals

The men who are most successful with women are those that can read them like a book. Once you know these secrets, you'll be able to tell if a girl likes you with near 100% accuracy.

How to Talk to Girls… and What NOT to Say

Having trouble mustering the courage to talk to women? Don't have a plan of action when to build courage? Break this vicious cycle by learning how to talk to women properly.

20 Tips to Meet Women at the Bar (and Take Them Home)

This a Non-Mainstream Guide on how to efficiently and effectively meet women at the bar with the goal of taking them home with you, all while minimizing wasted nights with no success.

How to Meet Girls After College - Practical, Actionable Advice

Jumping from college to the real world is a big shocker when it comes to dating. Learn exactly what to do to meet girls after you're out of college.

How to Be More Confident Around Girls

Here, we give you actionable steps to take to become more confident around girls and women.

The Essentials List of Dating Tips for Men

This no-BS dating tips list covers all the essentials that you need to do to guarantee that you won't fail your date miserably.

Best Places to Meet Women

Increasing your chances of finding women (and attractive ones, at that) is a no-brainer but something a lot of guys get wrong. Here are the best place to meet women.