Penis Enlargement Proof

Proof Through Clinical Studies

Scientifically proven
"The mean flaccid penis length increased from 8.8 cm (3.5 in) to 10.5cm (4.2 in), in 12 weeks, which was statistically significant."

Published on USA .gov website.
"The most a man gained in this study was 2.55 inches!"

Moscow, Russia
"After 16 weeks, the average length increase was .71 inches, growing by 14% since starting."

Andromedical Clinic in Madrid, Spain in 2001
"The average erect length gain was a whopping gain of 1.2 inches!."

Jiaotong University and Renji Hospital in Shanghai, China
"Over the course of 6 months, the average erect length gain was 0.31 inches."

Silicato Hospital, Rome, Italy
"A .7 inch increase in length was observed after wearing a penis extender device for 24 weeks."

University of Turin: Penis Extender Study
"The mean erect length changed from 12.30 cm (4.8 in) to 14.10 cm (5.6 in) over the course of 24 weeks."

Germany Study, PhalloSan
"After 4 months, the augmentation of the stretched penile length was .7 inches (1.8cm)."

International Journal of Impotence Research Consortium
"The total augmentation of penis length after hormone replacement therapy and use of an extender was 2.56" (6.5cm) in average."

Moscow, Russia study

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