The Complete List of Reasons Why Men Want a Bigger Penis

and a heart-to-heart with Mike and his personal reasons for size

Written by Mike on January 27, 2016

a man looking hopeful for a larger penis

Why Do We Want Bigger Penises?

Which one of these guys are you?

Let's talk about the different ways guys feel about their size.

I want to try hit all the different perspectives on size.

The good, the bad, the obsessed, the indifferent.

Let's start with those that don't care.

What may be some reasons why guys don't care about size?

  1. They don't expect to use it (have sex)
  2. They're too busy. They have other priorities other than their size.
  3. They have a partner who doesn't care, so as a result, they don't care.
  4. Culturally, it doesn't matter.

Fair enough. I personally think that points 2 and 4 are decent reasons to not care about size.

Now let's take the middle-range of guys and what may cause them to care moderately about their size.

  1. The media and entertainment business (Hollywood) makes us think that it's important.
  2. Guys have some sort of minor-moderate sexual anxiety related to size.
  3. Guys think that their partner cares about size, but never really talked to them about it.
  4. They're worried about where they lie compared to other guys (like in the men's locker room). They don't want to be below average.

Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson

After the Tommy Lee, Pamela Anderson sex tape came out, everyone in Hollywood knew Tommy Lee was packing.

Now let's talk about the last group of reasons, the reasons more intense than those in the list above.

The last type of perspective on why guys might really care about size: The more extreme/serious reasons.

  1. They're a male porn star (need it for their job)
  2. They're with a girl (or guy) that cares so much about their size that they wouldn't be with them if they weren't large or above-average.
  3. They have some sort of inferiority complex - they want to be bigger for the simple reason of not being small.
  4. They deeply enjoy having a big penis when having sex.
  5. Low self-esteem. Some guys feel that the only way to feel better about themselves is to get bigger, somehow.

I think that all guys make up some combination of reasons from all of these lists above.

Some reasons are more extreme than others.

Notice that the number of reasons why guys care greatly outnumber the number of reasons why guys may not care so much.

But why? They're all valid reasons.

Where does Mike fit in? 

I was definitely a part of every category in one way or another above.

The amount that I cared has definitely changed over the years.

Starting in high school, I probably didn't care that much, if not, at all.

In fact, my whole high school life, although I was a virgin, I was fairly comfortable around girls.

Ok, fast-forward a few years to college. College was crazy busy for me.

Not in the fun way either.

Day in and day out I would study.

Even on weekends.

My social life was practically non-existent, but I was confident that all the work I was putting in would pay off for my future.

Strangely enough, I started to develop social anxiety around people, especially women. The anxiety got worse when more attractive women came within 10 feet of me.

There were definitely times when I thought penis size mattered. Even if I was the coolest guy in the world, women (especially the hot ones) wouldn't give a damn about me if my penis was small.

Regardless, I didn't do anything about it.

Actually, I didn't think there was anything you could do about it, so there was a sense of hopelessness there.

I was stuck in this mental state for a long time.

Now, moving a couple years into post-college, I still had some anxiety with the girls I was with.

I even developed a decent erectile-dysfunction from watching too much porn.

Don Jon watching too much porn secretly

This was the point in my life I really cared a lot about my penis size.

So, I put in the time and effort, did the enlargement exercises, and I made my length and girth gains. Can't say it was the easiest thing I ever did in my life.

So what happened after that?

Well, it will probably surprise you.

For one thing, I was definitely less worried about penis size during sex.

I already knew I had good size and even received compliments.

However, I knew my sex technique was a bit lacking - I'm still working on it to this day. In that department, I'm still not quite where I want to be yet.

But what was the biggest change in me?

It was confidence.

But not just confidence in bed.

It was literally confidence everywhere in my life.

Talking to people in public, like store cashiers became effortless - no anxiety.

Talking to my boss at the job I had at the time became a lot easier.

Chatting up random women I see was also way easier to do. Although super hot women are still a little intimidating to me, the reason is no longer because I feel my penis size is inadequate.

This boost in everyday confidence was huge for me, Remember when I mentioned how I was feeling in college? High social anxiety. No self-esteem or confidence especially around women.

But when I gained size? A complete 180 happened.

A real side effect of this confidence, that's still a part of my life to this day, is being overall more happy in life.

Was I blessed with size when born?


But what happened was, I worked at it until I got results that I was proud of.

A looming raincloud evaporated from my life.

I feel so much much better and I am extremely excited for the next stages in my life.

I guess increasing my size has allowed me to move forward past all the problems that I had.

But also, it gave me an invincible-like confidence to continue to take on more challenges that life has to offer me.

So maybe you're like me ...maybe not.

I hope that my personal story has given you someone to relate to, if you're questioning your size.

If you choose not to pursue enlargement, I truly hope that you have or will eventually find peace with your size. I would be truly happy for you.

However, I can't speak on finding peace in life and getting rid of all my inner demons related to size by not doing anything about it.

It just simply didn't happen that way with me.

The path I took was one of action.

Although it took me years to even start the enlargement process - in the end, it was completely worth it in terms of the confidence gained and anxiety loss.

See, like me, size in of itself was not the main issue - it was lack of confidence and social anxiety. But getting it has reversed these negative effects on me.

But, if you do change your mind, and truly decide you want it bigger, we'll (mainly Mike and Jeff, but also others on our team) always be here to help you out, especially with our guides and tutorials.

So I urge you to ask yourself, "Why do I even care about my size?"

So take a step back. Take a hard look in the mirror.

Just be true to your self and your feelings. For a few minutes, never mind what others may think. Never mind what she thinks.

After you do a minute of self-reflection, I can promise you that you will have taken the first steps to moving forward - even if it's not through enlargement - so that you can move forward in life, just like I did.

If you're on the fence about size because of what she (or he) might think, I urge you to talk with your significant other.

Because it is very possible to gain size (even though it takes commitment), its still ideal because at least there is a way.

It's an investment for your future. They can take away your home or your job from you. But one thing they'll never be able to take from you is your manhood.

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