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The Model S Penis Extender Device

The Model S Penis Extender Device

Here, we discuss how the Model S penis extender device was designed with the user's experience in mind, and what key design choices would lead to their success.

User manual

This manual tells you how to use the PhalloGauge Model S and what to expect when using it.

How to Use the Model S Penis Extender and What it's Like

How does wearing a penis extender affect your daily life? Learn how to use a penis extender like the Model S extender, here.

The Downward Stretch (Tunica Stretch) Using the Model S Penis Extender

Learn how to do the 'Downward Stretch' with the Model S Penis Extender, the stretch that kills plateaus and breaks the barrier for your length gains.

How to Clean Your Model S Penis Extender

Like everything, the Model S Penis Extender naturally gets dirty with consistent use. In this article learn how to clean your PhalloGauge Model S Penis Extender.

Storing and Carrying the Model S Penis Extender

The Model S Penis Extender is the only extender that can be stored to fit in your pants pocket. Learn why this is important for your daily routine and how to compact it in this tutorial.

All the Penis Extender Proof You'll Ever Need - Numbers and Data

Numbers and data and clinical studies are what determine what works and what doesn't. Here, we present the definitive data for penis extender proof.

Concrete Data Proof that Penis Extenders Work

Here, we make make the results of penis extender clinical studies easier to understand so that you can make a educated decision on whether to use one or not.

doctor holding a tablet

Are Penis Extenders Safe? 5 Things You Need to Know

Are penis extenders safe for you to use? What are the risks when using one? These are 5 crucial safety facts you need to know about penis extenders.

6 Critical Requirements When Buying a Penis Extender Device

This is the crucial list of absolute requirements that you must follow when buying a penis extender device, based on years of first-hand experiences with devices.

Easy Daily Routine

This easy daily routine gives you a foolproof way to use the PhalloGauge. It's ridiculously easy to do and can be integrated into all sorts of busy lifestyles.

Natural Innovation and the PhalloGauge

This article explains how the PhalloGauge has innovated and sets a precedence for natural penis enlargement that was never thought possible.

Top Penis Traction Device Comparison

Here, we compare the PhalloGauge to the other extenders on the market. The PhalloGauge Model S is the only extender that is 100% discreet and takes less than 30 seconds to put on, fitting into your lifestyle.

FDA Approval and The PhalloGauge

The FDA has relaxed on its rules so that they can regulate more pressing issues like heart implants and surgical devices.

Penis Enhancement General

Do Girls Care About Size?

In short, yes and no. If you're under 4 inches -- yes they care. If you're average or above average, they tend to not care, but there's definitely some girls out there that do. However, having a larger one makes it so much easier to have sex -- less work thrusting and more pleasure for both of you.

Is a 5 Inch Penis Small? Can You Please a Woman With It?

So we all know 5 inches is the generally accepted average penis size. But is this average enough to please women? The short answer? No. The answer will surprise you.

6 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Doing Penis Enlargement

Here we discuss the common mistakes most guys make when undertaking natural penis enlargement. By not doing these mistakes, you'll be miles ahead of where we were when we did our own enlargement journey.

How Long Does it Take to Increase Penis Size?

So how long does it actually take to permanently increase your penis size? Given that the results are permanent, the actual amount of time that it takes may surprise you. Here we report clinical results that contain real data how long it took a sample group of men.

There is Zero Shame in Penis Enlargement

There is absolutely zero shame in wanting a bigger penis. Anybody who shoots you down is a hypocrite. Find out why here. Also get motivation on getting a bigger penis here if you're doubting yourself.

a group of different men with different reasons for wanting a larger penis

The Complete List of Reasons Why Men Want a Bigger Penis

This is the most complete list of all possible reasons why guys may want to increase size (the good and the bad). Mike also shares his personal story as to how the reasons for trying to gain size have changed since he was a teenager to present.

How to Increase Penis Length Naturally - A Crash Course

So you want more shaft length, huh? Good news is it's 100% possible, but there's a lot to learn. Get the full 9 yards in this crash course on how to increase your penis length.

The 3 Best Penis Exercises for Girth

You and your women know that girth is the single most important size metric for giving her pleasure. Learn the 3 essential penis exercises for girth here.

The Common Misconceptions About Penis Enlargement

Many people have objections to natural penis enlargement. In this article, we address those objections and misconceptions to settle the matter once and for all.

Is a 4 Inch Penis Small? What Can I Do About It?

If you have a 4-Inch penis, you're below average. Combine this with women's dissatisfaction with sex, things don't look good. However there is a way out. Learn exactly what to do here.

How to Jelq - A Quick, Comprehensive Tutorial

Here, we give a quick (yet complete) tutorial on how to do jelqing exercises by showing you how to do a fundamental jelq stroke repetition. This guide will fast track your penis enlargement knowledge to get those results rolling in.

5 Tips to Effective Wet Jelqing

Here are 5 things that you can do to make sure your maximizing gains from wet jelqing. Learn more about these advanced jelqing techniques here.

How Do Penis Extenders Add Length?

How do penis extenders add length? What's the science behind them? Here's the science from the past decade that created the natural penis enlargement industry.

What It's Like to Wear a Penis Extender

What is the daily life of a man who wears a penis extender like? Here's we report on how it feels to wear the device as other insightful factors that affect your day-to-day lifestyle - most of them are quite positive.

Penis Extender Results - Size Gains From Devices

Here, we show real results that are gained from penis extenders giving you the confidence in investing in a penis extender device.

The Easiest Penis Extender Routine

Once you have a penis extender, you need a foolproof routine that you can follow to for the long-term. Learn easiest penis extender routine here.

Does Jelqing Work? The Truth Behind Jelqing Exercises

Does jelqing really work? If so, what is actually going on to contribute to size? Here, we also cover the misconceptions on expectations and pitfalls to avoid for jelqing.

Jelqing for Length - Can the Most Popular Enlargement Exercise Produce Length Gains?

Can Jelqing exercises help to contribute to length gains? If so, can I just rely on jelqing for my enlargement journey? Find out in this blog article.

The Biggest Mistake Guys Make When Jelqing and How to Avoid It

Most guys jelq with too hard a grip or hard an erection and it costs them their gains. Correct these two factors in your jelqing routine and learn the rolling-over technique to maximize your jelqing results.

How Natural Penis Enlargement Works

One word: Hyperplasia. This means natural cell duplication in response to external forces (stretching) applied to your penis. It's the reason exercises and stretching work -- and why it works way better than surgery

Understanding the Different Penis States to Optimize Your Training

A crucial factor to natural penis enlargement is understanding flaccid vs erect states and everything in between. Learn all about it here.

3 Easy Foods to Eat to Increase Penis Size

Here are some foods that you can eat to increase your penis size by simply improving overal penile health.

How to Make "Erection Tea" - Harder Erections for Only Cents

Learn how to make a refreshing 'erection tea', a powerful tool when combined with penis enlargement exercises and the bedroom.

Why You're Killing Your Progress with Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction

Believe it or not, if you watch too much pornography, you're pretty much killing your ability to get and maintain an erection. Learn how this negatively affects natural penis enlargement, and what you can do to solve this issue.

A Simple Penis Size and Temperature Experiment That You Can Do

Here, we discuss simple ways on how you can apply heat to your penis so that you can naturally have a stronger blood flow to aid in your penis enlargement journey and naturally look larger. We also discuss why this works and what to expect.

blood flowing in the penis

The Importance of Blood Flow for Natural Penis Enlargement

You need something to build and grow your penile tissue. You can't make something out of nothing. You do this with none other than nutrients from food, but there's a very important transport mechanism at work here...your blood! However, unlike your muscles, blood doesn't always flow to your penis.

the PG Thermal Wrap

Mike's Experience with the PG Thermal Wrap and What to Expect

In this review, Mike discusses how to use the PG Thermal Wrap and his experiences using it.

Do it for Yourself

There's those voices in the back of your head bugging you about size. Remember, these are your voices. No one can silence them and remove this stress but you. So before you start the enlargement journey, realize you're doing it for yourself - no one else - and you will succeed, that we promise you.

What to Expect From Penis Stretching

While natural penis enlargment takes a while, it's actually not that long. Most fitness goals are actually much longer (most take up to a year to reach goals), and even then, fitness results are not permanent, unlike penis enlargement. Gain better perspective and the right mentality in this article.

Logically, Manual Penis Stretching is Not Worth Your Time

Here, we put a dollar value on the amount of time and effort it takes to do penis stretching exercises. Unfortunately, that number is in the thousands. We also analyze the risk involved with penis stretching exercises and how these risks can result in failure.

How much you're Actually Spending on Penis Enhancement

We all know that guys have been scammed out of thousands of dollars in monthly pill subscriptions - with no results to show for it. In this article we prove that with the penis extender device, you're not only saving thousands of dollars, but you're actually saving massive amounts of time and effort!

Credible Sources Verifying Penis Stretching

Here are some sources that link to clinical studies that prove the concept of Hyperplasia and natural penis enlargement gains. These studies were done in the past decade and the results now give guys a route to obtaining their dream size for the rest of their life.

How to Make Your Own Homemade Penis Extender Device

Penis extenders too expensive? Well you can make your own penis extender for about $40! Learn how to make your own homemade one here.

How to Make Yourself a Homemade Penis Pump

Looking to gain girth, but on a budget? Learn how to build your own homemade penis pump here.

It Doesn't Really Matter What Penis Extender Device You Use for Results

To be honest: It doesn't really matter which one you use. See why, and learn the right reasons to choosing a penis extender device.

Why You Will Probably Fail at Penis Enlargement

Did you know that most guys that try natural penis enlargement fail? The interesting part is that it's not due to science (it works after all), but rather factors that they can completely control. Learn the reasons for failure and how to combat them.

Penis Size Varies Throughout the Day and Week

Did you know heat and temperature is a major factor on what your penis size currently is? This is especially true when trying to measure flaccid length. In this article learn how to not be fooled when measuring and what factors affect your true size.

How to Make Your Penis Wider and Heavier Through Jelqing

Jelqing is a manual penis stretching exercise. This Jelqing Guide covers everything: The basics, erection level, penis angle, lubricants, grip, and posture.

The Complete Men's Kegels Guide to Pump More Blood and Build a Harder, Healthier Penis

Learn how to do Men's Kegels which is an exercise designed to increase blood flow in your penis, combat erectile dysfunction, and ejaculate farther.

History and Origins of Cultural Penis Stretching

Penis stretching is nothing new particularly to many cultures in the world. It's interesting to see the similarities between cultures as to how and why they did penis stretching practices.

glamor shot of the penilizer jelqing device

The Penilizer Jelqing Device Review

Here, we review the Penilizer Jelqing Tool after using it for a few months. We were generally surpised at how useful it actually is.

glamor shot of the penilizer jelqing device

The Cheapest Penis Extenders and Which One to Buy

Here, we look at the cheapest penis extenders on the market, simply from a price standpoint, and see if they're worth the money.

example of the phallosan penis extender system

PhalloSan Forte Penis Extender Review

Here, we review the PhalloSan Forte Penis Extender. We grade it on user-experience like comfort, results, and practicality.

example of the SizeGenetics penis extender system

The Full Sizegenetics Penis Extender Review

Here, we do a complete review of the SizeGentetics Penis Extender Device System and reveal the pros and cons of the device.

example of the Pro-Extender penis extender system

The Full Pro-Extender Penis Extender Review

The Pro-Extender is a classic, rod-based penis extender. Here, we reveal the pros and cons of this device to see if it's worth using.

example of the PeniMaster Pro penis extender system

The PeniMaster Pro Penis Extender Review

The PeniMaster Pro is a penis extender manufactured and distributed from Germany. Here we review it and reveal if it is worth your time or not.

example of the X4 Labs penis extender system

The X4 Labs Penis Extender Review

The X4 Labs Penis Extender is manufactured and distributed from Canada. Here we review it and reveal if it is worth your time or not.

example of the Pro-Extender penis extender system

Penis Stretchers - The Best One Out There

Penis stretchers are devices that are used to increase penis length permanently and naturally. Learn about the best one here.

male enhancement cream example

The Truth About Male Enhancement Cream - Does it Work?

Here, we explain exactly what male enhancement creams do and don't do, and whether they are worth your time and money.

penis extenders used on men with micropenis

Summaries of Penis Extender Results from Clinical Studies

Here, we breakdown some of the experiemental setups and results of groundbreaking clinical studies using penis extender devices. The last result is unheard of!

graph showing standard deviation results of penis extender devices

Penis Extender Study Results - Before and After

Here, we breakdown for you some clinical studies that breakdown and prove the effectiveness of penis extenders by showing the before and after results.

Jiaotong Medical School Logo

Breaking Down Penis Extender Studies - More Eye-Opening Proof

Here, we analyze a penis extender study that was donen in Shanghai, China. The results further prove the effectiveness of penis extener devices.

penis pills stock image

Penis Extenders vs. Pills - Which Works and Which Doesn't

This is the ultimate, revealing article on the difference between penis pills and penis extenders, once and for all. The key usees of both will surprise you.

analogy for penis enlargement surgery

Penis Extenders vs Surgery - Which is More Reliable?

Here, we analyze the effectiveness of penis extenders compared to penis enlargement surgery. The results are quite clear and will surprise you.

penis extenders vs manual stretching exercises

Penis Extenders vs. Manual Stretching Exercises - The Hard Truth

The biggest question of penis enlargement, answered: Which is better? Penis Extenders or Manual Penis Stretching Exercises. The clinical study fact we share will surprise and enlighten you.

Looking Back On My Penis Extender Experience

After looking back on using the Model S penis extender device it was probably the best decision I've ever made for my sex life. Here's why.

Wearing a Penis Extender While Sleeping - Is it Possible?

Is it possible to wear a penis extender device while sleeping to get bonus gains? Is it recommeneded? Is there an advantage? Find out here.

There's Zero Proof That Penis Extenders Don't Work

So we know there are many studies that prove that penis extenders work. But are there any studies that prove that they don't work? The answer will delight you.

Penis Extender Comfort - The Critical Factor that Gets You Results

Comfort is king when it comes to using a penis extender. This is simply because you'll be wearing it for long periods of time. But here are other major reasons you need to know.

Penis Extenders are Easier Than Dental Braces

Believe it or not, penis extenders are way easier to use than a common medical treatment: Dental Braces. So if you have doubts, read this blog article to gain some insightful perspective.

An Overview of All Body Modification Methods, Including Penis Enlargement

Body modificaftion have existed for over thousands of years in all cultures. Whether it's dental braces, ear gauges, plastic surgery, foot binding, neck stretching, or penis enlargement, these methods are proven. Learn why here.

Are Penis Extenders Painful? The Truth About Penis Extenders

Here's we tell you the definitive answer to whether penis extenders are painful or not. This is an important factor in deciding to use one, so you'll know exactly what's at play after reading this article.

How to Stay Motivated Using a Penis Extender

It's no question that it takes a lot of time to successfully see results from using a penis extender device. Here are the crucial mindset tips you should have to stay motivated to succeed.

How Hard to Stretch with Penis Extenders

A really good question we get is "How hard should I pull on my penis, when using a penis extender?". We answer it in full and give you a easy rule to follow to make sure you stretch just the right amount.

Increase Your Likelihood of Success Using Hidden Penis Extenders

Successful penis enlargement is within every man's grasp. However, there are small habits and factors that increase your chance of success. Hidden penis extenders are one of them and here's why.

How to Avoid Penis Extender Disappointment

Making that decision to buy a penis extender is a big, risky step. Here, we analyze the reasons for disappointment and how to avoid disappointment altogether.

The Definitive Answer to "Do Penis Extenders Work?

The biggest, gnawing question you've had - "Do penis extenders work?" Here we prove it with numbers and pictures. Eliminate all doubt with this informative article.

Treat Penis Extenders Like a Video Game - Tips for Success

If you treat wearing a penis extender like a game with a reward, you'll have the right mentality that will set you up for success. Here's a immensely useful strategy to make penis extender usage effortless.

How to Cure Peyronie's Disease with Penis Extenders

Peyronie's Disease affects mens' physical and mental ability to have sex. Learn how penis extenders can be effectively used to treat and cure this disease.

What is Penis Traction, the Key to Penis Extender Effectiveness?

The traction principle is the key to all penis enlargement because it triggers cell hyperplasia. Here, we explore how it works, as backed up numerous results and testimonials.

Looking Back After Using a Penis Extender - Jeff's Story

From sexual frustration to masculine liberation, my results from my penis extender have literally changed my life. Here's how it all happened.

The Answer to Every Question We Received on Penis Extenders (FAQ)

Over the years, we've got hundreds of emails and phone calls about penis extenders. Here, we give you all the answers to the frequently asked questions.

Thunder's Data on Penis Enlargement Results

Thunder's Place is a penis enlargement website, and in this article we analyze the data they collected on size gains obtained by men who have visited their website.

The Best Penis Extender - A Review by Men Who've Actually Used It For 3 Years

The biggest question in the penis enlargement community: What is the best penis extender? Here, we tell you which one it is, and give a compelling argument as to why.

The Best Penis Extender Found on Amazon

Penis extenders are effective devices for increasing length permanenty through traction methods which are also found in plastic surgery. Here are the best penis extenders on Amazon.

The Only All-Day Penis Stretcher That Works

Penis stretching all day using an extender is one of the best ways to multitask. Not only that but all the work is done for you. Learn how this method works here.

Your Penis Size Comparison - How do You Compare to Other Men?

The biggest question all men have: How do I compare to guys' penises? Here we answer exactly that - and show you ways to actually get above average benchmark.

Does Masturbation Affect Penis Size? The Definitive Answer

Masturbation is commonly believed to affect penis size. Some think it makes grow. Others think it makes it shrink. Here, we give you the conclusive answer to this question.

Are Vacuum Penis Extenders Better Than Regular Ones?

Vacuum chambers are modifications that certain manufacturers have added to their penis extender designs. But do they work? Do they provide more results? Here we give the answers to these questions.

Realistic Penis Extender Reviews - What to Buy and What to Not Buy

Realistic penis extender extensions are desired to make the added size seem more realistic. Here we tell you exactly which ones to buy and which ones to skip based on quality and cost.

How to Prevent Small Penis Humiliation and Never Worry About Size Again

While being humiliated for a small penis is a fetish, deep down it is the source for depression, anger, and unfulfilled sex lives. Here, we discuss how to tackle small penis issues and how to solve them.

How to Treat Eczema on Your Penis - The Exact Medication to Get

Eczema on the penis is not only irritating, but ugly to look at. I've personally had ecema there, and I've treated it successfully. Here, I tell you exactly how to treat it and what medication you want to use.

Jelqing for Girth - How to Target Girth to Obtain Maximum Thickness

Jelqing is the ideal exercise to increase penis girth. However, you need to make sure your technique is spot-on. Here, we show you exactly how you should be doing it to maximize girth.

Why is My Penis Small? The Cellular and Chemical Reasons

Why is my penis small? The question literally every guy has at least once in their life. Here, we explain the hormonal reasons and what action you can take to do about it.

Sex Life Enhanced

How to Increase Thrusting Speed During Sex (for Men)

Thrusting is a crucial part of sex. Do you a low max thrusting speed, or can't keep a steady rhythm when thrusting? Apply these methods to increase your thrusting speed and rhythm.

Why Do Women Moan? - And How to Make Her Moan Even More

Why do women moan? After all, it's the biggest signal that they're experiencing intense sexual pleasure. Not only why, but here's what you can do in bed to make more moaning happen.

Gaining Shaft Length Makes Doggy Style Sex Possible, Easier, and More Enjoyable

Learn how penis shaft length enhances the doggy style sex position. Also learn how why girls love doggy style, how to do it correctly, and how to get to get the most out of this sex position.

How to Have First Time Sex - For Men

There's no question, having sex for the first time creates tons of anxiety. Here are the exact tips to follow to lose the V-card with elegance.

Do Women Care About Penis Size?

Here, we analyze different studies done by prominent universities and journals that give us some insight into whether women care about men's penis size. You may be surprised by the results.

Does Penis Size Matter to Women? Chelsea's Take on the Subject

Does penis size ultimately matter to women? Here, Chelsea gives her take on the matter and reports other similar findings when women were asked the same question.

Dating Enhanced

Exposing Anxiety Symptoms in Men and How to Quash Them

Anxiety in men is something that doesn't come up much because we're expected to be "manly". However, it's a very real problem - here's how to identify the signs and suppress them and get on with your life.

How to Understand Girls Without Overthinking It

Understanding women is something that doesn't come easily, but here, we present the key things to look out for that make everything they do a dead giveaway.

How to Be More Confident Around Girls

Here, we give you actionable steps to take to become more confident around girls and women.

Meeting Girls in College - How to Make These Years Count

It's every guy's dream to hook-up with a bunch of hot/cute college girls. Learn the little-known steps to set up a successful college sex life with hot girls.

How to Tell if a Girl Likes You - The Easy, Instant Signals

The men who are most successful with women are those that can read them like a book. Once you know these secrets, you'll be able to tell if a girl likes you with near 100% accuracy.

How to Meet Girls After College - Practical, Actionable Advice

Jumping from college to the real world is a big shocker when it comes to dating. Learn exactly what to do to meet girls after you're out of college.

Best Places to Meet Women

Increasing your chances of finding women (and attractive ones, at that) is a no-brainer but something a lot of guys get wrong. Here are the best place to meet women.

The Essentials List of Dating Tips for Men

This no-BS dating tips list covers all the essentials that you need to do to guarantee that you won't fail your date miserably.

How to Talk to Girls… and What NOT to Say

Having trouble mustering the courage to talk to women? Don't have a plan of action when to build courage? Break this vicious cycle by learning how to talk to women properly.

Lifestyle Enhanced

How to Get Fuck You Money - The Hard Truths and Overcoming

Fuck you money is key to living a life where you do whatever you want to do, say what you whatever you want to say, and simply living life on your terms. Learn the hard truths here.

"I Hate My Job" and What All Successful People Do to Escape

Here's the exact, and only thing you can do when you voices of "I hate my job" resonate louder and louder. This is actionable advice for every man looking to break free.

Unveiling Depression in Men and How to Fix It

Depression in men is a topic that doesn't get talked about much, yet it is a huge factor on your happiness and quality of life. Here are the causes of depression in men and how to address them correctly.

Signs of Depression in Men and What to Do Next

Depression in men is hard. It's often overlooked and the best treatment we get is "tough it out". Here, we explain the signs of male depression and what action to take.

The Three C's of Male Confidence: (Cocaine, Cash, and Your Cock)

There are only 3 true sources of confidence: Cocaine, Cash, and Cock. Of these, learn the most cost-effective, practical method to obtain natural confidence for the rest of your life.

How to Meet Women at the Bar (and Take Them Home)

This a Non-Mainstream Guide on how to efficiently and effectively meet women at the bar with the goal of taking them home with you, all while minimizing wasted nights with no success.

How to Fix When Your Wife Has No Sex Drive

When you're wife has no sex drive, it's the most frustrating thing. Here, we give the actionable steps that you can take to increase her sex drive and restore the passion in your relationship.

Stop Masturbating for Men - The Benefits of Controlling Yourself

Learn the benefits of limiting the number of your masturbation sessions. We'll see how confidence, sex drive, and overall, self-esteem is greatly improved as a result of doing so.

The Non-Mainstream Guide on How to Use Tinder Efficiently

Most guys spend tons of hours texting a girl without getting anywhere. In this non-conventional guide learn how to maximize your success on Tinder and stop wasting so much time with girls who have no intention to meet up with you.

Losing Fat for Penis Length Gains and Looking Great

Did you know you can gain up to 0.3 inches simply from losing fat where your penis connects to your body? Not only will this add length, but you'll also look great in bed because fat is loss evenly across all parts of your body - spot targeting is impossible and this is a known fact for quite some time.

Increase your Productivity by 5000%: What They Should Have Taught You In High School

Do this and you'll get more done in the day in way less time. This is a scheduling strategy that is literally done by computers and operating systems, and is easily applied to your work life as well.